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Year Titel Student Supervisor
2023 The attitude of the owner towards canine  nutrition and canine obesity on the Maltese Islands Sciberras Kristina István Hullár
2023 Nutritional Diseases of Camelid Species – A literature review Stafrace Raoul Éva Cenkvári
2022 Captive care of Testudo spp. Modestou Stylianos Nikoletta Hetényi
2022 Effects of different nitrogen sources on growth performance of insects Nikolaides Yiannis Nikoletta Hetényi
2022 Chronic kidney disease in cats Solbakken Roy András Bersényi
2022 Racehorse feeding strategies in Norway Søfteland Hyldmo Christine Margrethe Orsolya Korbacska-Kutasi
2022 Evaluation of the long-term immune protection of horses with asymptomatic West Nile virus infection by measuring neutralizing antibody levels Antónia Apáti-Nagy Orsolya Korbacska-Kutasi
2022 Feed supplements for diabetic dogs and cats Roxána Balla Nikoletta Hetényi
2022 Investigation of the effect of herbal premix in dairy cows Kincső Lázár István Hullár
2022 Diagnostic significance of measurement of symmetrical dimethylarginine in horses Emese Rácz Orsolya Korbacska-Kutasi
2022 Unconventional feeding methods in dogs and cats Maehlum Benedicte Gravdal Nikoletta Hetényi
2021 Comparative dietetics of Home Curated Diet versus Commercial Food Diets and their effects on Canine Atopic Dermatitis Lim Cheryl Ann András Bersényi
2021 Comparative nutrition of middle and high-level sport horses in different countries of the EU (UK) O’Mahony Olive Bridget Orsolya Korbacska-Kutasi
2021 The relationship between heart rate variability (HRV) parameters and the temperament of horses Boglárka Gabriella Bársony Orsolya Korbacska-Kutasi
2021 West Nile virus encephalitis in horses – details of outbreak in 2018  Judit Pásti Orsolya Korbacska-Kutasi, Dr. Fehér Orsolya
2021 Familiar background of club foot in English thoroughbred foals and its effect on competition performance Péter Ákos Szobonya Orsolya Korbacska-Kutasi
2021 Headshaking syndrome in horses – Possible causes, diagnostic and treatment options Anita Kitti Nagy Orsolya Korbacska-Kutasi
2021 Reliability and repeatability of heart rate analysis at different measurement time lengths Petra Gabriella Csiló Orsolya Korbacska-Kutasi
2021 Evaluation of the characteristics of the immune response in horses during diseases caused by the West Nile virus Pálma Piller Orsolya Korbacska-Kutasi
2021 The Use of Probiotics and Prebiotics in Maintaining the Good Health of Swine of Different ages (A Review) Thölke Magnus Laurenz István Hullár
2021 The impact of probiotics on the canine gastrointestinal microbiota: a literature review Sanchez Emilie Letícia Moravszki
2021 A Comparative Analysis of the Effects of Feeding Raw Meat, BARF diets versus Commercial  diets Ankers Jessica András Bersényi
2021 Cobalt deficiency in lambs Mc Sharry Niall András Bersényi
2021 Diet and captive care of sea turtles Diaz Hernandez Ariadna Claudett Nikoletta Hetényi
2021 Health Survey of Pet Rabbits in Norway Kristensen Annika Udengaard Nikoletta Hetényi
2020 The Effect of Mineral Supplementation on the Diets of Grazing Sheep Waldron Sadb Bríd István Hullár
2020 Rapid spread of West Nile virus infection in horses Bence Csaba Vladár Orsolya Korbacska-Kutasi
2020 Evaluation of the feeding used in a Hungarian stud in terms of predisposing factors for developmental orthopedic diseases (DOD) during growth Csenge Hanna Tolnai Orsolya Korbacska-Kutasi
2020 Does the carbohydrate content of feline foods reflect their price Chiao Elizabeth Pearl András Bersényi
2019 Metabolic bone disease in reptiles (literature review) Nikolett Haraszti Nikoletta Hetényi
2019 Detecting colic motion patterns by using sensor technology Panna Margit Sándor Orsolya Korbacska-Kutasi
2019 Factors influencing the incidence of canine tartar Tímea Kovács István Hullár
2019 Physiological arrhythmias in horses and their effect on resting heart rate variability (HRV) analysis Zita Sebők Orsolya Korbacska-Kutasi
2019 Cytological characteristics of respiratory tract samples of horses with asthma Dávid Farkas Orsolya Korbacska-Kutasi
2019 Insects as food and feed: a literature review Muscat Nicole Marie Nikoletta Hetényi
2019 Effects of mycotoxin binders on serum levels of vitamins and minerals in pigs Fiegenbaum Thorsten Sebastian István Hullár
2019 Heart Rate Variability of Polo Horses in Malta in Different Training Periods Briffa Sarah Orsolya Korbacska-Kutasi