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Thesis and TDK information

Information and requirements for students on Thesis and „TDK” works at the Department of Microbiology and Infectious Diseases


Our department highly appreciate the interest of our students towards the infectious diseases of animals, pathogens and their immunological aspects, and we support the scientific work in these areas.

We consider the professional scientific level of the theses and „TDK” works as a high priority.


Based on these, the applicant must subject herself/himself to the following rules:


  1. According to the Code of Studies and Examinations (CSE), Section 41 (5), the students are obliged to register for the thesis topic at the head of department latest at the end of the term time of 8th semester.
  2. The earliest time for the registration for the thesis is at the end of the successfully finished 5th semester, with passed examinations of Veterinary virology and Veterinary bacteriology. For the topics in immunology, the passed examination of Veterinary immunology is also compulsory.
  3. Our colleagues are authorised to accept only those students for thesis or TDK work that have reached a minimum grade mark average of 4.00 of the following subjects: Veterinary Virology, Veterinary Bacteriology and Veterinary Immunology.
  4. According to CSE Section 41. (5d) „All students are obliged to write their degree thesis as an individual work” This means that our teachers support the scientific work of the applicants, help their development and supervise their thesis, but the preparation of the thesis at a high quality, by the given deadline, is the exclusive obligation of the applicant. Delays attributable to the non-adequate approach and attitude of the applicant cannot be compensated by our lecturers. The incompleteness or delay, in these cases, is the exclusive responsibility of the applicant.
  5. Our department favour those thesis works, which are made based on a standalone proper work of the applicants, thus any of the followings:
    1. laboratory work on his/her own
    2. epidemiological analysis, questionnaire
    3. patho-diagnostical analysis
    4. analysis of a diagnostic institute’s disease database
    5. other type of relevant professional analysis, on her/his own
  6. Apart from the above, there is a possibility to write a literature-review-type thesis, in case the given topic is a scientific novelty, and the applicant completes it with e. g. country or region-specific elements.
  7. The other parts, the regulations of CSE in force and Guide for thesis writing on the webpage of the library, are normative.


Our department can provide full support for the insistent interested the field of infectious diseases and committed students, taking into consideration the above rules.


Budapest, 2023. 09. 15.

Miklós Tenk

associate professor, head of department