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Department of Microbiology and Infectious Diseases

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Virology: 8214/8213 Immunology: 8220/8222/8156 Bacteriology: 8216/8215/8219
+361 251 9260
Head of Unit
Tenk Miklós
1143 Budapest Hungária krt. 23-25. Department of Microbiology and Infectious Diseases
Postal address
1400, Budapest, Pf. 2.
1143 Budapest Hungária krt. 23-25.

History of the Department

Tanszek 1Nagy

Teaching infectious diseases has been one of the main aims of the school since its foundation; however the department has only been working in the present form since 1933 when the Department of Infectious Diseases and the Department of Bacteriology were merged. The influence and the impact of the department on veterinary medicine were determined by former professors Hugó Preisz, Aladár Aujeszky, Ferenc Hutyra, Rezső Manninger, János Mészáros, Tamás Szent-Iványi, Adorján Bartha, Sándor Tuboly and Tamás Tuboly. Several new pathogens were described, characterised and aetiology, pathogenesis, therapy, prevention and control of several infectious diseases were studied at the department. The handbook “Special Pathology and Therapy of Diseases of Domestic Animals” written by professors Hutyra and Manninger together with Marek and Mócsy was published 23 times in 18 languages and was widely used in veterinary medicine. The department had and has close connections with similar university departments, research institutes, diagnostic laboratories and international organisations on microbiology and infectious diseases within Hungary and abroad.