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Diagnostic laboratory


  • Phone: +36 1 478-4100/8344; +36 30 231 0462



Qualitative confirmation and quantitative determinations of reproductive hormons by ELISA. Research and service activities, development of immune-enzyme analytical methods, production, distribution of reagent kits. Education and consultation in connection with analisys.

Immunology , toxicology , endocrinology laboratory tests.

Our laboratoy supports the experimental studies of veterinary students and PhD students.


Reagent kit for quantitative determination of progesterone:

A monoclonal antibody specific for progesterone (MAb) has been pre-coated onto a microplate. Antibody is incubated in the presence of its unlabeled progesteron antigen (Sample) and enzyme-labeled progesteron antigen. A substrate is added, and remaining enzymes elicit a chromogenic signal. The colour intensity is inversely proportional to the progestererone content, ie. dark colour means low progesterone while pale colour means high progesterone content of the sample.

  • Qualitative evaluation: the intensity of the blue colour developed after 5-15 minutes can be compared visually to that of the standards.
  • Quantitative evaluation: after the development of the blue colour (approx. 10 minutes) the colour reaction is terminated by addition of two drops of sulfuric acid (Stopping reagent). The colour turns from blue to yellow. The intensity of the yellow colour will be measured at 450 nm by ELISA photometer. Numerical results can be read and calculated by graphical evaluation, or by using appropriate computer programme.