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About the resort

Resort description (layout)

There are 3 rooms on each side of the building, which can be accessed from the lounge.

Right side
Room 1: floor area 11 m2, for 2
2nd room: floor area 18 m2, for 3 (extra bed available)
3rd room: floor area 15 m2, for 3 (extra bed available)

Left side
Room 4: floor area 18 m2, for 3 (extra bed available)
Room 5: floor area 16.5 m2, 3 for (extra bed available)
Room 6: floor area 12 m2, for 2

Each side has 1-1 bathroom and toilet, as well as 1-1 equipped kitchen and dining room. A large refrigerator has been installed in each room, and a separate freezer in the kitchens.

More photos can be found in the gallery.

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