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Department of Applied Food Science (DAFS)

Department name
Department of Applied Food Sciences

Head of unit

Dr. Gyula Kasza


1078 Budapest István utca. 2.; Hungary

Postal Adress

1078 Budapest, István utca 2., Hungary


Building L; 2nd floor



History of the unit

Our research group was established in 2022 at the University of Veterinary Medicine Budapest to cover multidisciplinary research areas related to food consumption and waste management. Since 2023, our research group has been operating as a department, called the Department of Applied Food Science.

We have a unique research experience about food consumption patterns, and consumer behavior, preferences, food safety risk perception and food waste generation of the Hungarian population based on frequent representative quantitative investigations and explorative qualitative studies, dating back to the early 2000s. We also conduct market research, expert interviews, impact assessments, and organize stakeholder forums.

Our data sets and research reports have been used by a wide array of policy makers and other stakeholders, including the European Commission, the Hungarian Government, and the National Food Chain Safety Office.

We offer international PhD students and research fellows the opportunity to investigate the social implications of scientific, technological, and legislative developments in the food chain in a European context with the support of our enthusiastic research team.