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Kasza Gyula


Dr. Gyula Kasza

Department of Applied Food Science (DAFS)
Position: associate professor
+36 1 478 4100, +36 20 4548 418
1078 Budapest, István utca 2. Hungary, Building L, Floor II.


Gyula Kasza is associate professor at the Department of Food Hygiene of the University of Veterinary Medicine Budapest, head of the Food Economics Research Group.

Main research areas:

  • Food Safety
  • Food Waste Prevention
  • Risk Communication
  • Consumer Studies

Appointments and positions:

 Work places Name of institutions Position
2007- University of Veterinary Medicine, Department of Food Hygiene associate professor, honorary professor (formerly: guest lecturer, research associate)
2015-2022 National Food Chain Safety Office, Directorate for Risk Management vice director, head of department
2008-2013 Ministry of Agriculture head of department, ministerial commissioner
2005- Hungarian University of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Institute of Food Science and Technology and its predecessors associate professor (part time), honorary professor
2006-2009 European Social Fund monitoring expert
2004-2005 Institute for Advanced Studies on Science, Technology and Society, Graz, Austria Research Fellow, Ernst Mach Grant scholarship holder
2003 Science and Technology Studies Unit, Department of Sociology, University of York, United Kingdom Marie Curie research fellow
2001-2004 Central Food Research Institute, Department of Food Economy and Quality research assistant

 Professional membership:

Committee Time Post
Citizens Panel on Food Waste (European Committee), Knowledge Committee 2022- member
European Consumer Food Waste Forum (European Joint Research Centre) 2021- core expert
Hungarian Society of Nutrition 2021- member
European Platform on Food Losses and Food Waste (DG SANTÉ) 2019- member
Food is Value Forum, Steering Committee 2018 member
Hungarian Committee on Protection of Origin 2015-2017 member
Codex Alimentarius Hungaricus, Committee on Alcoholic Drinks 2015-2017 member
Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Presidential Committee for Food Safety 2013- member
Committee on Hungaricums, Agriculture and Food Section 2013-2018 member
Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Section of Agricultural Sciences, Committee on Agricultural Economics 2011- member of the Public Body
Hungarian Association for Military Science 2010-2018 member

Hungarian Association for Food Science and Technology


2005- member
Association for Zoonoses 2004- member of Presidency

 Previous dissertation / number of TDK students:

Dissertations: 121 / 32 TDK studies


PhD students who obtained their degrees:

Dávid Szakos

Ágnes Gizella Gortva-Vajda

Anna Kiss

Tekla Izsó

Ágnes Szegedyné Fricz

Lajos Bognár

Miklós Süth

Barbara Szabó-Bódi


PhD students with absolutorium:

Erika Szabó


PhD students, currently active:

Widya Satya Nugraha

Tamás Lámfalusy

Veronika László

Adrienn Farkasné Gyurcsó

Beatrix Adrienn Kuti

László Fekete

Publication list (Top10):


  1. Kasza, G., Szabó-Bódi, B., Lakner, Z., & Izsó, T. (2019). Balancing the desire to decrease food waste with requirements of food safety. Trends in Food Science & Technology, 84, 74-76.
  2. Kasza, G., Csenki, E., Szakos, D., & Izsó, T. (2022). The evolution of food safety risk communication: Models and trends in the past and the future. Food Control, 138, 109025.
  3. Szakos, D., Szabó-Bódi, B., & Kasza, G. (2021). Consumer awareness campaign to reduce household food waste based on structural equation behavior modeling in Hungary. Environmental Science and Pollution Research, 28(19), 24580-24589.
  4. Szabó-Bódi, B., Kasza, G., & Szakos, D. (2018). Assessment of household food waste in Hungary. British Food Journal, 120(3), 625-638
  5. Plasek, B., Lakner, Z., Kasza, G., & Temesi, Á. (2019). Consumer evaluation of the role of functional food products in disease prevention and the characteristics of target groups. Nutrients, 12(1), 69.
  6. Szakos, D., Ózsvári, L., & Kasza, G. (2020). Perception of older adults about health-related functionality of foods compared with other age groups. Sustainability, 12(7), 2748.
  7. Kasza, G., Dorkó, A., Kunszabó, A., & Szakos, D. (2020). Quantification of household food waste in hungary: A replication study using the FUSIONS methodology. Sustainability, 12(8), 3069.
  8. Kasza, G., Csenki, E. Z., Izsó, T., & Scholderer, J. (2022). Paradoxical risk mitigation behavior in private households. Food Control, 138, 109032.
  9. Møretrø, T., Nguyen-The, C., Didier, P., Maître, I., Izsó, T., Kasza, G., Langsrud, S. (2021). Consumer practices and prevalence of Campylobacter, Salmonella and norovirus in kitchens from six European countries. International Journal of Food Microbiology, 347, 109172.
  10. Kunszabó, A., Szakos, D., Dorkó, A., Farkas, C., & Kasza, G. (2022). Household food waste composting habits and behaviours in Hungary: A segmentation study. Sustainable Chemistry and Pharmacy, 30, 100839.