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Marosán Miklós


Dr. habil. Marosán Miklós

Ph.D., teacher with habilitation
Department of Exotic Animal and Wildlife Medicine
Position: associate professor
+361 478 4100
+361 478 4100 / 8203
Rottenbiller street 50

Dr. Miklós Marosán works as an associate professor, honorary professor and legal expert. In terms of his qualifications, he is a zoologist, agricultural scientist, wildlife and game manager, animal nutrition specialist, and lawyer.

Head at the Division of Hunting, Wildlife Management and Nature Conservation at the University of Veterinary Medicine. He leads the Wildlife Management specialization and specialist further education courses. It provides education in wildlife management and specialist subjects. At the same time, he is deputy head of the Department of Exotic Animals and Wildlife Health.

Previously, he was a senior scientific associate (leading researcher) at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Institute of Animal Breeding, Nutrition and Laboratory Animal Sciences of Szent István University. He was head of specialities and associate professor at the Institute of Environmental Sciences of the Faculty of Natural Resources Management and Rural Development of Károly Róbert College. He was the head of the Wildlife and game management (BSc), Forestry and Wildlife Technologist courses. Between 2002-2010, he was an assistant professor at the Faculty of Agriculture and Food Sciences, Institute of Environmental Sciences of the University of West Hungary.

During his teaching activities, 64 MSc diploma theses and 24 BSc theses, were completed under his supervision. He regularly participates in the work of final examination committees as committee chairman and member. About 120 times, he was invited as an opponent and reviewer for the diploma theses of veterinarians, agricultural, forest engineers, and wildlife management students. He participated 25 times in the work of doctoral (PhD) expert committees as scientific secretary, committee member and opponent.

Two of his doctoral students obtained their academic degrees. He is currently the supervisor of four doctoral students.

As a legal expert, he works in the following fields of expertise: game and hunting management, agro-environmental management, animal husbandry, animal nutrition, wildlife management; agricultural damage, wildlife protection, hunting law.

Author/co-author of 7 books and 126 scientific and professional articles. He is a member of several scientific and professional board. His work has been recognized with several professional awards.