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Department of Pathology

+361 478 4178, +361 478 4181
+361 478 4100 / 8373, 8360
Head of Unit
Mándoki Míra
1078 Budapest István u. 2.
Postal address
1078 Budapest István u. 2.
Bulding E/2 (operating hours from 8am till 3pm, on Fridays 8am to 1pm)

History of the Department

In 1787, at the time of the foundation of the Veterinary Medical Faculty of the Budapest University by Sándor Tolnay (1748-1818), pathology was not an independent subject, though the students performed post mortem examinations in the presence of the teachers already in the beginning. Among the outstanding personalities working at the department, the first professor teaching pathology as an independent subject was Márton Galambos (1820-1872) a physician and veterinarian of comprehensive knowledge, who besides teaching several subjects, prepared lecture notes also on pathology. His main field of interest was the pathology of rinderpest, an infection of great significance at that time. Following the fall of the Revolution and War of Independence of Hungary in 1848, the government banned him from teaching for a while, and pathology was temporarily taught by Ferenc Kudlik. In 1874 Kálmán Czakó (1843-1895) became the Head of the Department of Pathology. He studied at the Budapest and Kolozsvár Universities, then for two years worked abroad to broaden his knowledge. Afterwards he taught pathology on the basis of modern, scientific methods. István Rátz (1860-1917) also a physician and a veterinarian by education, became the Leader of the Department of Pathology in 1889. He learned from outstanding Hungarian scientists and went abroad for a study tour to Vienna and Berlin, where he worked in the group of Virchow. Returning home he refreshed the teaching and research activities, which reached a very high standard under his leadership, making him a recognized expert on the field of pathology both in Hungary and abroad. In 1913 he became a member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. After his death Károly Jármai (1887-1941) continued to develop the education and research, and became a well known scientist especially due to his research on leukosis. He wrote a textbook both on general and systematic pathology. Gyula Sályi, veterinarian (1903-1970) took over the leadership of the Department of Pathology in 1941. His scientific achievement placed him amongst the best of those who developed veterinary pathology in Hungary. He had managed to achieve especially great success with his two high standard textbooks, and became a member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences in 1962. In 1965 Andor Kardeván (1925) was nominated as Head of the Department of Pathology. He dedicated himself to teaching and introduction of new methods in pathology. His two excellent books are the basis for teaching veterinary pathology even nowdays.
Till 2001 Vetési, Ferenc was the head of the Department. He passed away in 2021 after working as Professor Emeritus at the University. He was followed by Miklós Rusvai, who was also Head of the Doctoral School, and Ferenc Baska. Currently the Head of the Department is Míra Mándoki since 2017.