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The main duties of the director (educational teacher) of the College

1. The main duties of the director (educational teacher) of the College

1.1.  The main tasks of the College director (educational teacher) in terms of the responsibilities defined in the Organizational and Operating Regulations of the ÁOTK are the following:

  • Organization and coordination of tasks related to the maintenance, operation, management and administration of the ÁOTK dormitory.
  • Implementation of tasks arising from legislation, university regulations and instructions concerning dormitories.
  • Complete administration of rental properties for dormitory purposes.
  • Registering dormitory places, checking their filling, processing and checking the collection of dormitory fees.
  • Planning the annual budget of the dormitory and rental properties, ensuring efficient operation.
  • Carrying out the accounting and control tasks to be performed by the organizational unit in the university regulations related to the use of management frameworks under the authority of the College director, as well as the preparation of the related statements.
  • Validating long-term strategic interests in the operation of the dormitory, protecting and maintaining the equipment and technical condition of the dormitory building, and initiating renovations if necessary.
  • Provision of the basic services defined by law in the dormitories.
  • Efficient and economical use of physical and financial assets and human resources. Independent management with the management framework of the college (budget, own income, tender and sponsorship grants, college reimbursement fees, etc.).
  • Effective organization of the college’s own income-generating activities.
  • Organization and control of the observance and enforcement of professional authority (ÁNTSZ, fire protection and occupational safety) regulations.
  • Maintaining contact and cooperation with other organizational units of the ÁOTK, the student government, the dormitory Student Committee, within the scope defined by legislation and internal regulations.
  • Helping students prepare for intellectual creation in the college.
  • Initiating and investigating appropriate procedures in the dormitory and in case of student disciplinary offenses.
  • Preparation of commitments related to the college, concluding and countersigning after commenting, full-scale administration within the framework of the relevant management, commitment and other internal regulations and legislation.
  • Determination of the rules for the use of rooms intended for dormitory students, based on the relevant Faculty regulations.
  • As a matter of competence, managing the affairs of applications related to the dormitory and student life in the dormitory, assisting with applications submitted by students that also affect the dormitory.
  • Helping the professional, cultural, sports and activities taking place in the college, ensuring their infrastructural operating conditions as much as possible.
  • Defining the rules of living together in the dormitory, taking into account the opinion of the Dormitory Student Committee.
  • Determination of the terms of use of the additional services that can be provided by the college.
  • Organization of contact and cooperation with other higher education colleges and organizations bringing together higher education colleges.
  • Providing information on the economic activities of the dormitories to the Dormitory Student Committee on a regular monthly basis, and answering any questions that arise.
  • Providing the Dormitory Student Committee with the opportunity to inspect the contracts concluded in relation to the College (the dean is the obligee) on a monthly basis at most.


1.2. The organization of the College, for the purpose of performing the tasks defined in the Regulations and the Rules of Procedure, is structured as follows:

Dormitory Director (educational teacher)

The application for the director of the college is announced by the Faculty Council and the Dean’s Student Committee with the consent of the Faculty Student Representative and the Faculty Council.

The director of the dormitory (educational teacher) is appointed by the dean. (based on point b of § 114/. of the ÁOTK SZMSZ)

The director performs his activities directly under the direction of the dean.

The dean exercises the authority of appointing and hiring employer over the employees of the College. The manager with work management authority is the Director or his designated deputy.

2. Responsibilities, rights and duties of the Director (educational teacher).

2.1. The Director (educational teacher)


For its regularity, compliance with legislation, university and faculty internal regulations.
For carrying out and fulfilling his duties to the best of his ability, with the expected expertise and care.
– for enforcing the requirements of professional efficiency and economy in its management.

For the establishment, continuous review, and initiation of amendments to the uniform dormitory procedures and processes.
– for the organization and maintenance of management control with regard to employees.



– For the information necessary to carry out your job and the activities of your colleagues.

– To initiate administrative changes related to your work at the dean’s office.

– To exercise the right to issue vouchers for the benefit and expense of the college’s financial framework, within the framework of the relevant legislation and internal university regulations.


– Regarding employees:

– managing employees.

– to check the work process.

– for information and reporting.

– to propose rewards, salary increases and awards.

– to initiate disciplinary action.

– to initiate organizational and administrative changes.


– Planning, organizing and managing the operation of the College.


– the establishment of the college’s order of assignment and work processes, their written recording and, if necessary, their approval by the dean.

– the annual schedule of the tasks, possible correction of the schedule, control of the achievements.

– determination of deadlines, their observance and enforcement.

– the organization of the inspection fitted in the work process and the inspection of the elimination of the revealed deficiencies.

– management control.

– regularly informing the stakeholders about decisions, events, tasks,

– selection, training, encouragement and recognition of employees with appropriate professional qualifications and competence, initiation of accountability in justified cases.

– data provision for university council and faculty council, as well as other submissions.

– data provision for the preparation of the annual plan, institutional reports, and textual reports.

– activities related to the operation, operation, maintenance and management of the college, as well as the management and organization of administrative work.

– preparation of leases related to dormitory areas and sponsorship contracts related to the dormitory, or. preparation, review and approval.

– authorizing events taking place in the dormitory, defining their operating conditions.

– solving student placements in accordance with regulations, checking the availability of basic services, managing controversial cases and disciplinary issues related to students.

– developing the dormitory’s House Rules, defining the additional services that can be used in the dormitory, and determining their possibilities of use. Preparation of the room list of the dormitories living there.

– Helping college students move in and out.

– Contact with fellow students.

– Warning of students who are in arrears.

– Carrying out all tasks related to your job that your superiors entrust you with and for which you have expertise.

– Contacting the students placed in the dormitory with the Student Committee of the dormitory

– The Director of 2.1. can delegate its powers specified in point The exerciser of the delegated authority may not transfer the authority.