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Events Invitation: 3rd presentation skills development program

Invitation: 3rd presentation skills development program

This year we are organizing the 3rd presentation skills development program to improve students’ personal skills. Topic: Science and innovation in the field of veterinary science.

Students will learn the techniques and methods of a short presentation, the so-called pitch, in the form of workshops, which can be used in their professional and personal life in the future. They will present their research or an innovative idea from a new perspective to the audience on Presentation Day.

„Good enough isn’t good enoughBecause good enough will leave you in the middle of the pack. ” ― Peter Coughterauthor of The Art of the Pitch

A true pitch presentation can strike the perfect balance between providing clear information and focused attention. This short form of public speaking is a great opportunity for candidates to stand out and demonstrate their professional background, uniqueness and communication skills.

The workshops will be held in Hungarian and English by Linda Zay, communication specialist, and Judit Kriska-Jámbor, a soft skill trainer.

Deadline for application: 20th March 2020

Decision: 27th March 2020

Workshops: in April 2020

Presentation Day: 13th May 2020

Applicants are reminded that the date of the Presentation Day may vary depending on the duration of the emergency declared by the Government of Hungary. If necessary, the event will be held at a later date! The application deadline remains unchanged (20th  March 2020).


The application form is available here: 

III. Prezentációs Program – 3rd Presentation Programme (2020.)