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Events Be a hero, donate blood

Be a hero, donate blood

The principle of blood donation is that only healthy people can donate blood, thus protecting the health of both the blood donor and the patient receiving the blood, so please do not come if you are not completely healthy!

  • Place:  Student Centre (building “P”)
  • Date: 3rd /Wednesday/ November from 9 a.m to 3 p.m

You can be a blood donor if you have a valid EU health card. In addition to this, you need your IDs (passport or identity card) and a document certifying your valid address in Hungary.

To become a blood donor you have to:

  •     be in good health and feeling well
  •     bring your original health insurance card (TAJ card or EU health card), your ID and address card
  •     be at least 18 years old, but not older than 65
  •     weigh at least 50 kg
  •     Tattoos and piercings are not a drawback if they were prepared 6 months  before blood donation

Blood drive is preceded by a medical examination and the doctor decides whether you are eligible. For more information please visit the Hungarian red cross’ website: