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Education Courses 11th semester extramural food hygiene practical

11th semester extramural food hygiene practical

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semi-final examination
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Valid from 01 February 2019


The practice (training) can be executed in Hungary or in another Country. The duration of the food hygiene practice is two weeks.


Extramural training on Food Hygiene/Public Health in Hungary is organized in co-operation with the national food-chain control authority (National Food Chain Safety Office).

The training is supervised by the official veterinarian responsible for the establishments where the training takes place.


  1. Tasks to be executed are the followings (both in Hungary and other Country)


1. Meat inspection at slaughterhouse
1.1. Swine and/or cattle
1.2. Any other slaughter animal
2. Food safety control of a site of primary production (farm)
3. Registration and approval of a food production plant
4. Control of a registered/approved food production establishment
5. Control of the transport and wholesale storage of foodstuffs
6. Control of the retail marketing of foodstuffs
7. Control of catering establishments
8. Control of small-scale food production, processing and marketing


  1. The fulfillment of point 1 is obligatory according to the following schedule. The respective training period is at least one week, out of which minimum 3 days must be accomplished in a pig and/or cattle slaughterhouse.
  2. Tasks indicated under points 2-8. are selectable such a way that at least 70% of the tasks (altogether 5 tasks) should be covered.


  1. Diary, certification, exam (both in Hungary and other Country)

During the practical, a report (“work log”) should be prepared, indicating the daily main activity/activities (see below), and also containing a table of content.

The conductor of the practice on site will issue a written certificate (see attachment) on fulfilment of the practice that should be attached to the dairy.

An approximately 20-30 pages typed report must be prepared critically describing the student’s activity, observations, critical evaluations including for example a virtual potential inspection/audit on the establishment/operation/process control.

The diary should be uploaded latest until 12.00 p.m. (12 noon) of before-day of the exam to the following link: A printed version is not needed.

After finishing the practice and having uploaded the diary including the above-mentioned certificate, the student will take an oral exam on her/his activities at the Department of Food Hygiene based on a power point presentation in maximum 5 minutes. The exam will be assessed with marks between 1 and 5.