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Education Courses 11th semester extramural food hygiene practical

11th semester extramural food hygiene practical

Method of evaluation
semi-final examination
Year in the curriculum
Semester in the curriculum
Practical lessons
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Course description

1. Character of the curriculum

Feature: obligatory subject

Timing in the curriculum: Semester 11

Lecture/practical: 0/80

Credit: 3


2. Tasks during the practical

The following tasks must be fulfilled during the practical:


1. Meat inspection at slaughterhouse
  1.1. Swine and/or cattle
  1.2. Any other slaughter animal
2. Food safety control of a site of primary production (farm)
3. Registration and approval of a food processing establishment and the official control of it
4. Official control of the transport and the wholesale storage of foodstuffs
5. Official control of the retail marketing of foodstuffs
6. Official control of catering establishments
7. Official control of small-scale food production, processing, and marketing


The fulfilment of point 1 is obligatory. The respective training period is at least one week, out of which minimum 3 days must be accomplished in a pig and/or cattle slaughterhouse.

Tasks indicated under points 2-7. are selectable, but it is compulsory to cover at least 70% of those tasks (means minimum of 4 tasks).

During the extramural practical course, the student must complete the tasks listed in the LogBook and they must be signed by the supervisor(s).


3. Practical diary

During the practical, a report (“work log”) should be prepared, indicating the daily main activity/activities (see below), and also containing a table of content.

The diary should be maximum 20-25 pages including pictures where possible, and it should contain a cover page (incl. name and Neptun code of the student, year of diary) followed by a Table of content with page numbering on the next page. Furthermore, the diary must contain the written certificate on fulfilment of the practice filled out, issued, dated, and signed by the conductor/supervisor of the practice as an attachment (at the end of the diary).

During preparing the diary, the following data/information should be presented at each task (Task 1-7, see above):

  • location and time (time interval) of the task
  • name and position of the conductor/supervisor
  • short description of institute/establishment/area, production information (e.g., which type of product is processed)
  • description of the inspected/controlled areas/work processes in the institute/establishment
  • description of experiences, the hygienic shortcomings and critical evaluation of them by the student.

It is important that presentation of the relevant legal regulation is not needed and not sufficient, and it does not replace/substitute for data/information requested above.


Those students who perform the Food Hygiene extramural practical in Hungary must upload the practical diary till no later than 12.00 a.m. (noon) before the exam day to the following link: Those students who complete the Food Hygiene practice in the first two weeks of the 4-week block in Hungary must upload their diary to the appropriate homepage within 48 hours after completing the practice.

However, those students who fulfil the Food Hygiene extramural practical abroad must upload the practical diary within 3 days of completing the extramural Food Hygiene practical to the following link:

It is not needed to submit the diary to the Department in printed form. If the student does not upload the diary in the requested form until the above-described time point, cannot take exam.

Design of the diary

Page size: A4; Font size: 12; Font (typeface): Times New Roman; Line spacing: 1,5; Alignment: justified; Margins (top, bottom, left, right): 2,5 cm. Numbering of chapters (each task), sections etc. is necessary.


4. Exam

The student can take the exam if he/she has completed the tasks in the LogBook according to the regulations and they were signed by the supervisor(s). The LogBook must be presented on the exam. In case of completion, the relevant page of the LogBook will be signed by the head of the department or the authorized person.

The exam is oral including 2 parts.

  1. The exam will be assessed by evaluating the uploaded diary. The evaluation will be based on the level of fulfilment of the above-mentioned tasks with a special regard to the description of controlled work areas of the visited institution/establishment, as well as the presentation and evaluation of experienced hygienic problems.
  2. The student will make an oral presentation on selected one out of the tasks performed in the practice (based on his/her practical experience) presented on some slides (power point presentation) in maximum 5 minutes followed by a maximum 10-minute discussion.


All parts of the exam (diary, oral presentation, discussion) will be assessed with marks between 1 and 5. The final mark of the exam will be calculated as an average of the 3 part marks.

For students taken the extramural practical semester in Hungary the exam will take place at the end of each training block (on last Friday of each block). The exam dates in the first semester of the academic year 2023/2024 (Semester 11) will be as follows:

22. 09. 2023

03. 11. 2023

01. 12. 2023

12. 01. 2024

All students who perform the practical outside Hungary can take the exam between 15 and 26 of January 2024 on the exam dates given by the Department.

If someone’s exam mark is failed, or the student wants to take a re-exam in order to get a better practical mark (written request is necessary to the Department in time), or the student cannot take the exam at the end of the training block performed in Hungary because of no fault of his/her own (similarly, a written request is required) can take the exam between 15 and 26 of January 2024 on the exam dates given by the Department.