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Education Courses Basics of Communication

Basics of Communication

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Basics of Communication

2021/2022. Year/I. Semester


  Date Topics Lecturer Lectures
1 IX. 20. Introduction

Introduction of students through creative tools

Basics of communication – verbal and non-verbal communication

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2 X. 04. Interpersonal communication skills

-Elements of interpersonal communication (communicators, message, noise, feedback, context, channel)

-timing, location, misconception

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3 X. 11. Intercultural communication

-high and low context countries

cultural diversity

-misscommunication, misconception

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4 X. 25. Assertiveness; Active listening

-passivity, agressivity, assertiveness, emphaty

-verbal and non-verbal signs of active listening

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5 XI. 08. Rapport building; personality types, learship types, people skills

-non verbal rapport building and rapport building behaviours

-why is the knowledge of personailty types and leadership types important?

-meaning of people skills

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XI. 15. E-communication

How to connect with your e-colleagues

How to improve your skills using communication tools

-Video conferencing

-Telephone calls

-Instant messaging


E-communication in an intercultural context

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7 XI. 22. Communication Characteristics and Behavior of Z Generation

-communication characteristics of different Z generation groups

-the importance of communication through social media

Exam presentation

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Time of lectures: Monday: 17.00-18.30

Place of lectures: Department of Veterinary Forensics and Economics, Building „L”, 3rd floor

Exam: Presentation

Responsible lecturer: László Ózsvári


Budapest, 1st September, 2021.


László Ózsvári

Assoc. prof., Head of dept.