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Education Courses Circular economy approach in large-scale farms

Circular economy approach in large-scale farms

optional C
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Suggested from 4th semester
veterinary (English)
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Course description

Responsible lecturer: Dr. László Ózsvári, full professor

General aim of the subject: The circular economic system is about social responsibility, stopping the environmental impact and protecting the biosphere, but last but not least, the competitiveness of market participants is also determined by their integration into the circular system. It is easy to see that cost-effective production requires minimal exploitation of dwindling natural resources and the consideration of optimal production volume, which also takes into account the costs of eliminating externalities. Like the entire economy, large-scale livestock farming is moving towards sustainability as part of agriculture. The aim of the subject is to provide a theoretical overview of the basics of the circular economic system, as well as to bring closer to the students, through foreign and domestic examples, the recognition of the importance of decisions that act from the linear production system towards sustainable management.

Pre-study requirements: Agricultural economics