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Education Courses Equine exercise physiology and sports medicine

Equine exercise physiology and sports medicine

optional B
Method of evaluation
semi-final examination
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Practical lessons
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Course description

General aims of the course:

The high level of equestrian sports practiced nowadays and the increasing equine industry demands for exceptional performance of the equine athlete resulted the establishment of a reltively new discipline: the equine sport medicine. Equine exercise physiology and sports medicine has developed to a distinct spcific discipline within the international veterinary medicine. All students graduating with the interest towards equine species must have an absolute insight to this topic.

Minimal previous course requirements: Phyisology, clinicopathology, internal medicine diagnostics, nutrition, animal breeding

Responsible lecturer: Korbacska-Kutasi Orsolya

Lectures theme

  • The horse as an athlete.
  • Equestrian sports, horse racing.
  • Assessing fitness and health.
  • Exercise testing in horses.
  • Treadmill examination.
  • Testing under the rider.
  • Performance limiting medical disorders.
  • Performance limiting orthopedic disorders.
  • Training and overtraining in horses.
  • Dietary management of the equine athlete.
  • Are there any indicators in foals which can be used to predict future performance.

Practical lessons theme

  • Practice: poor performance case evaluations

Exam information

Written exam.