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Education Courses Forensic Veterinary Medicine

Forensic Veterinary Medicine

Method of evaluation
semi-final examination
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veterinary (English)
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Course description

Subject responsibility: Dr. Csaba Csintalan

Presentation of the duties of the veterinarians and the forensic veterinary experts in the legal disputes, Ethical, legal and criminal liability of the veterinarians

Lectures theme

Forensic veterinary medicine

2023/2024, 9th semester

Date Topic  
6 September Introduction

Courts of law, public prosecutors

Law of procedures


dr. Csintalan Csaba
13 September Law of contracts, Warranty


dr. Csintalan Csaba
20 September Law of torts


dr. Csintalan Csaba
27 September Evidences, witness testimony,

Veterinary expert opinion

dr. Csintalan Csaba
4 October Criminal procedure


dr. Csintalan Csaba
11 October Criminal liability of the veterinarian I.


dr. Csintalan Csaba
18 October Criminal liability of the veterinarian II.


dr. Csintalan Csaba
25 October Forensic aspects of infectious diseases


dr. Csintalan Csaba
8 November Forensic aspects of small animal diseases

Expert opinions regarding toxicoses


dr. Csintalan Csaba
15 November Forensic aspects of ruminant diseases

Forensic aspects of equine diseases


dr. Csintalan Csaba
22 November Forensic aspects of pig diseases

Forensic aspects of poultry diseases


dr. Csintalan Csaba
29 November Forensic aspects of behavioral problems


dr. Csintalan Csaba
6 December Forensic aspects of abuse to animals

Expert opinions regarding injuries

Forensic aspects of reproductive disorders


dr. Csintalan Csaba
13 December Minimum questions, Summary, consultation


dr. Csintalan Csaba


Time of lectures: Wednesday 1015-12.00

Place of lectures: Zlamál lecture-hall

Preliminaries of the signature : attendance of the lectures


Budapest, 31. 08. 2023


                                                                                                                                               Dr. Csintalan Csaba

lecturer, responsible teacher

Exam information

Preliminaries of the signature : attendance of the lectures, passing the mid-term examination