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Education Courses Fundamentals of scientific writing

Fundamentals of scientific writing

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Practical lessons
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Course description

The practice will help you in thesis writing and in publication later on. In order to achieve this it will develop the following skills:
– literature searching and using different information sources;
– knowledge of different types of scientific publications (types of documents, ethics of publication, citations);
– evaluation and handling of scientific information.

Practical lessons theme

1. week

Basiscs of information searching:
– types of documents and their characteristics,
– types of databases and their structure,
– building a search strategy (Boolean operators, thesaurus)

2. week

Search pracice
– searching the library catalogues,
– searching databases(CAB Abstracts, PubMed, Web of Science),
– scientific search engines: Google Scholar.

3. week

Information sources on the internet:
– full-text articles and books (Science Direct, SpringerLink, EBSCO, e-books and e-collections),
– expert systems: Consultant, CadDis.

4. week

Evaluation of homepages and publications, their structure and processing;
– criteria of evaluation,
– reference managing softwares in gathering literature and compiling bibliographies.

5. week

Fundamentals of scientific publishing:
– the ethics of citing,
– structure and parts of scientific papters,
– evaluation of scientific achievement(impact factor, publication factor).

Evaluation description

There will be practical tasks to be solved during the practicals and a short test at the end of the course.