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Gene technology

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semi-final examination
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Course description

Lectures theme

Venue: online, narrated lecture slides uploaded to the Moodle system

Exam: written online test in the Neptun Unipoll system


Topics and schedules of the lectures:

Topic Lecturer
Lecture 1 Introduction. Overview of the basics of molecular biology. Tools of the recombinant gene technology: cloning and expression vectors, restriction endonucleases, DNA ligase, reverse transkriptase. Vörösházi Júlia
Lecture 2 The complete process of the recombinant gene technology (gene transfer, cloning): gene isolation, preparation of the recombinant DNA, identification of the transformed host cells with specific markers, production of recombinant proteins. Dr. Mátis Gábor
Lecture 3 Practical applications of the recombinant gene technology in veterinary and human medicine. Dr. Tráj Patrik
Lecture 4 Possibilities in the regulation of gene expression. Epigenetic regulatory mechanisms. Cell cultures and their application in the molecular biology I. Dr. Sebők Csilla
Lecture 5 Cell cultures and their application in the molecular biology II. – practical applications Dr. Mackei Máté
Lecture 6 Examination methods in the molecular biology: Western blotting, ELISA. Dr. Mackei Máté
Lecture 7 Introduction to the „omics” approach and system biology: genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics, metabolomics. New generation examination methods in the molecular biology. Dr. Papp Márton


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