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Education Courses Histology 2.

Histology 2.

Method of evaluation
semi-final examination
Year in the curriculum
Semester in the curriculum
Practical lessons
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Course description

Responsible teacher: Prof. Bence Rácz

Aim of subject:  The aim of this module is to provide detailed knowledge about the histological structure of mammalian and avian organs and to facilitate students to visualize and identify the histological appearance of key organs and tissues. It builds on the fundamental skills developed during Histology 1. Histology 2 discusses the individual organs in the context of organ systems, thus this subject, as the microscopic anatomy of organs, provides support for anatomy.

Lectures theme

1. Introduction. Lymphatic organs
2. Lymphatic organs
3. Digestive system I.
4. Digestive system II.
5. Respiratory organs
6. Urinary Organs
7. Male genital organs
8. Female genital organs
9. Endocrine organs
10. Easter holiday
11. Central nervous system
12. Sensory organs I.
13. Outer integument (skin) & Mammary gland
14. Sensory organs II.
15. Avian histology

Practical lessons theme

Practical leaders: 

Prof. Katalin Halasy
Dr. Mátyás Kapiller
Prof. Bence Rácz
Week Practical
1. Blood vessels
2. Lymphatic organs
3. Digestive system I.
4. Digestive system II.
5. Digestive system III.
6. Digestive system IV.
7. Respiratory organs & Urinary Organs
8. Male genital organs
9. Female genital organs
10. Easter holiday
11. Endocrine organs,Central nervous system
12. Endocrine organs,

Central nervous system

13. Visual organ
14. Skin, Mammary gland
15. Avian Organs & Catch-up practical

Evaluation description

The requirements of acquiring the signature: participation in Histology 2. practices (attendance record). Maximum hours of absence: 6 practicum hours.

Exam information

The exam is done online, via UniPoll, and consists of two parts: 1. theoretical part; 2. practical part.
Theoretical part: each exam will consist of approximately 60 questions. This part of the exam will be comprised of lecture questions (multiple-choice, matching, fill-in-the-blank, short essay questions based on both lecture and practical material). Students will receive a list of topics during the semester.
Practical part: in these questions (based on the practical material) students will have ~ 10 digital images incorporated into the above UniPoll test. Here they should recognize the histological staining, the specific organ, and their key structures and answer the associated questions properly.
The Histology 2. exam will be graded according to tho the below scale:
0-55% fail (1)
56-65% satisfactory (2)
66-75% average (3)
76-85% good (4)
86-100% excellent (5)