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Education Courses Hungarian A1/1

Hungarian A1/1

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practical grade
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Practical lessons
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Course description

The course Hungarian A1/1 is the first part of a series of courses (Hungarian A1/1, A1/2, A2/1 and A2/2), aimed at those students who want to understand the logic of the Hungarian language and eventually be able to speak it – and are willing to invest time and effort into learning and practising. The subject consists of 4 courses spread over 4 semesters, with 4 tuition hours/week (2×90 minutes), for 3 credits/semester and it is expected to take students to the CEF A2 level. Along with the language, students also learn about Hungarian culture and everyday life.

Practical lessons theme

week 1 Introduction. Basic Expressions. The Hungarian alphabet. Vowel harmony.
week 2 Numbers. Definite and indefinite articles. Measurements.
week 3 Nationalities. Jobs. Basic adjectives. Personal Pronouns. Lenni (to be) present tense conjugation. -nak/-nek ending.
week 4 Buildings, places and venues. The -ban/-ben ending. The -n/-on/-en/-ön ending.
week 5 Telling the time. Days of the week, months, seasons. Van/nincs. University subjects.
week 6 Revision and consolidation 1, Midterm 1.
week 7 Food and drink. Fruits and vegetables. Indefinite conjugation (present tense) 1
week 8 Cooked food.  Some Hungarian dishes. Ordering in a café/restaurant. Indefinite conjugation (present tense) 2. The -val/-vel ending.
week 9 Revision and consolidation 2, Midterm 2.
week 10 Modal verbs. Verb formation (-zik, -ozik, -ezik, -özik). The infinitive and its usage. The -ul/-ül ending. The -lak/-lek ending.
week 11 Transportation. Conjugation of jönni and menni. The -ba/-be and -ra/-re endings. The -ból/-ből and -ról/-ről endings. Transportation in Budapest.
week 12 Revision and consolidation 3, Midterm 3.
week 13 The sights of Budapest – Presentations. Holidays in Hungary.
week 14 Revision, preparation for the oral exam

Evaluation description

Form of assessment:Weekly vocabulary tests, 3 midterm tests, end-term

Type of grading:Practical grade


The final course mark is calculated as follows: 25%: active participation in class + homework + presentation, 25% vocabulary tests, 25% midterm tests, 25% end-term test.