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Education Courses Hungarian A1/2

Hungarian A1/2

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Practical lessons
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Course description

The course Hungarian A1/2 is the second part of a series of courses (Hungarian A1/1, A1/2, A2/1 and A2/2), aimed at those students who want to understand the logic of the Hungarian language and eventually be able to speak it – and are willing to invest time and effort into learning and practising. The subject consists of 4 courses spread over 4 semesters, with 4 tuition hours/week (2×90 minutes), for 3 credits/semester and it is expected to take students to the CEF A2 level. Along with the language, students also learn about Hungarian culture and everyday life.

Practical lessons theme

week 1 Body parts. Time expressions (past tense). The possessive endings. The verb fáj(t). Lenni (past tense). Clinical departments.
week 2 Word formation with the endings -s, -as, -es, -os, -ös. Past tense (Sg/1, indefinite conjugation). Time endings: -tól/-től, -ig, -kor.
week 3 The house. Rooms. Furniture. Question words. Ordinal numbers.Some Hungarian poets.
week 4 Postpositions of place and time. Indefinite conjugation in past tense. Geography of Hungary.
week 5 Revision and consolidation 1. Midterm 1.
week 6 Family. Jobs. Endings: -nál/nél, hoz/-hez/-höz, -tól/-től. Hungarian history.
week 7 Clothing. Colours. What does s/he look like? Comparative and superlative forms of adjectives. The possessive stucture.
week 8 More verbs. Definite conjugation (present tense). The plural -k ending. Music, some Hungarian composers.
week 9 Verbal prefixes and their usage. Famous Hungarian painters and architects.
week 10 Revision and consolidation 2. Midterm 2.
week 11 Accusative case of personal pronouns. Definite conjugation (past tense). Famous Hungarians in science. Famous Hungarian veterinarians.
week 12 The weather. The academic year. Going on summer holiday. Telling the date. Lenni (future tense).
week 13 Student presentations
week 14 Revision. End-term test.

Evaluation description

Form of assessment:Weekly vocabulary tests, 2 midterm tests, end-term

Type of grading:Practical grade


The final course mark is calculated as follows: 25% active participation in class + homework + presentation, 25% vocabulary tests, 25% midterm tests, 25% end-term test.