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Course description


Lecture notes (ask the lecturer for the password)

The main purpose of this course is to teach the necessary computer-related skills, (study, work and personal usage), and to prepare for the job market. Topics cover the basic concepts of hardware, software, multimedia, etc.. The course gives a foundation for information technology and communication.

  • I/7-10 TH 11:15 Zlamál lecture hall, ABONYI-TÓTH Zsolt
  • I/1-6 WE 12:15 Zlamál lecture hall, ABONYI-TÓTH Zsolt


Group Room Time Teacher
I/1 N3 MO 8:15 Kövér, Szilvia
I/2 N3 MO 16:15 Kövér, Szilvia
I/3 N3 MO 14:15 Kövér, Szilvia
I/4 H2 TU 16:15 Piross, Imre Sándor
I/5 N3 MO 12:15 Fehérvári, Péter
I/6 N3 TU 8:15 Piross, Imre Sándor
I/7 N3 MO 10:15 Fehérvári, Péter
I/8 N3 TU 10:15 Vili, Nóra
I/9 H2 TU 8:15 Vili, Nóra
I/10 H1 WE 10:15 Abonyi-Tóth Zsolt
I/11 H2 MO 8:15 Fehérvári, Péter
I/12 H2 TU 12:15 Piross, Imre Sándor
Location of lecture halls:

Zlamál Vilmos lecture hall: Building J, ground floor

H1 (HEFOP 1): Building N, 3rd floor, left side

H2 (HEFOP 2): Building N, 3rd floor, right side
N3 (or I3): Building N, 3rd floor, right side

Lectures theme

Word processing, spreadsheets, spreadsheet editor vs. statistical program, advanced Excel functions, presentations, Zotero, viruses, worms, social engineering, graphics.

Practical lessons theme

1. week

Word, CV, page, paragraph and letter formatting

2. week

Excel basics, page, paragraph and letter formatting, date, time, currency, percentage and number formats, basic formulas. Dollar sign.

3. week

Excel and R commander. Basic descriptive statistics of numerical variables, barplot and boxplot.

4. week

Excel and R commander. Basic descriptive statistics of qualitative variables: frequencies, barplots, piecharts.

5. week

Excel and R commander. Basic descriptive statistics by groups. Sumif() and averageif() functions

6. week

Excel: Pivot table, connecting data using the index() and whereif() functions. Filtering and sorting. Filtering in R commander.

7. week


8. week

Excel and R commander midterm.

9. week

Word: styles, table of contents, frames, background color.

10. week

Word: header, footer, page numbering. Pictures. Captions, list of figures, referencing.

11. week

Word: footnotes, comments, symbols. tables (partly copying from excel), tabulators

12. week

Word, Zotero, preparing assignment.

13. week


14. week

Presentation, re-take midterm, theoretical test.

Evaluation description


Visiting lectures and practicals is obligatory, attendance will be randomly monitored in lectures. Missing more than 3 lectures will lead to the denial of signing the course by the lecturer.

Everybody has to visit the practical groupe he or she enrolled in. Changing groups mid semester is not allowed.

Two practical lessons can be missed. No retake possibility in case of missing more. It is not possible to make up for absence in a different group.

Missing a midterm is possible only with medical certificate. Writing and retaking the midterm is allowed at the official practical teacher only.


Practical lessons

There will be one midterm, one theoretical test and three assignments during the semester. The midterm (Excel and R commander) will be on the 8th week (28-31 October). Topics: Excel (30 points) and R commander (10 points).

Retake of the midterm is possible on the last week (9-13 December) at the practical lesson in case of fulfilled conditioned described above. The whole course should be repeated in case of failed midterm, or missing submissions of assignments.

Retake is allowed also if you want to improve your result. It is possible to get less points than previously!


Theere will be a multiple choice test on the topics discussed in lectures on the last week (20 points). You need at least 11 points to pass.


Midterm: 40 points, CV: 5 points, presentation: 10 points, assignment: 25 points, theoretical test. 20 points. Showing the presentation for the group worth 5 extra points.

  • 0 – 50: 1

  • 51 – 62: 2

  • 63 – 74: 3

  • 75 – 87: 4

  • 88 – : 5


Requests should be transferred to the Student Office, if you have passed an Informatics course at any university. Other courses are not accepted.