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Education Courses Veterinary Practice Leadership Training

Veterinary Practice Leadership Training

optional C
Method of evaluation
semi-final examination
Year in the curriculum
Suggested: from 8th semester
Practical lessons
veterinary (English)
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Course description

Subject responsibility: Dr. László Ózsvári

General aim of the subject: The aim of the programme clarify the bases of the managerial role. During the programme we build up the bases of the people’s management theoretical and practical elements (situational leadership model). The elective course helps to set up a standard leadership system which focuses on the connections of the preparedness and the leadership style. The leader will be able to choose the relevant, the most efficient leadership style, which should adapt the rediness level in the actual situation.

pre-study requirements: Agricultural economincs

Lectures theme

Leadership Electvive Programme

 2023/2024. Year / I. Semester


1. X. 18. Introduction, Learning Styles

Adult learning styles; What is management?

Dr. Miklós Gyarmathy 3
2. X. 25. Leadership fundamentals I.

Hystorical overview (leader vs. manager)

Efficiency factors

Douglas McGregor’s Theory

Dr. Miklós Gyarmathy 3
3. XI. 08. Leadership fundamentals II.

Bases of the Situational Leadership (Kenneth Blanchard – Paul Hersey)

Leader’s behaviour; Readiness level

Dr. Miklós Gyarmathy 3
4. XI. 15. Leadership fundamentals III.

Appropriate leader’s style

Dr. Miklós Gyarmathy 3
5. XI. 22. Leadership fundamentals IV.

Connection between the readiness level and the leader’s style

Practical concerns,


Dr. Miklós Gyarmathy 3


Time of lectures: Wednesday 18.15 – 21.00

Place of lectures: Kotlán Sándor lecture hall

Preliminaries of the signature: attendance of the lectures and writing of a succesful test

Responsible lecturer: Dr. László Ózsvári


Budapest, 1st September, 2023.


Dr. László Ózsvári

Full professor, Head of dept.