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Course description

In the frame of educational purpose Mobile Clinic (MC) practicals the students are involved in hands on trainings in the actual veterinary tasks and health care procedures of farm animal herds and flocks (ruminants, swine and poultry or rabbit) under academic supervision. Among the others students can get manual skills and practice in clinical examination of individuals, examination of herds and flocks, therapeutic and preventive interventions (medications, vaccinations etc.) taking various biological and environmental or other samples, using diagnostic tools and equipments (eg. ultrasound, hand held diagnostic tools etc.), on farm pathological examinations, health related data collection and processing, veterinary administartion etc..
The duration of the MC practicals is 60 academic hours and have to be executed in one block of consequtive days. The schedule of the practicals in terms of timing and the name of the students (4-5 students/group) advertised in advance at the beginning of the actual semesters. The decision of the actual venues of the parcticals based on the principles that all students should get opportunity to meet ruminants, swine and poultry or rabbit.

Practical lessons theme

Mobile shift



Mobile shift is a five-day-long practical. Out of the five days the first four days (Monday to Thursday) are organized by the Animal Hygiene Department, while the fifth day (Friday) is organized by the Food Animal Medicine Clinic.


General information about the first four days of the shift (Monday to Thursday):

  • Meeting point: István utca campus, building ‘J’, 1st floor
  • Please bring food and water for the day
  • Please bring along clean(!) rubber boots for cattle farm programs, and a stethoscope and a thermometer too. In the cattle farms students may work outdoors. Working overalls will be provided, but appropriate clothing (under the overall, and also gloves, scarf, cap if necessary) is needed according to the weather. Students are asked to wear normal shoes and bring along the rubber boots (instead of wearing the boots when they show up in the morning), and also to bring some spare clothes just in case the ones they’re wearing get dirty or wet.
  • For biosecurity reasons students will have to shower (incl. hair washing) after arrival to the pig farm. After the shower they will wear the clothing provided in the farm. No food can be taken to the farm, and mobiles will be left outside too. Please bring along a towel for showering at the end of the program. Students should not have any possible contact with alive or dead pigs or wild boars 4 days before the pig farm visit.
  • For biosecurity reasons students are asked to wash their hair on the evening or the morning before the poultry farm program with Kovács László (KovL abbreviation in the schedule). Please bring along(!) your clean(!) rubber boots; working overalls will be provided. Students should not have any possible contact with alive or dead poultry for 3 days prior to the poultry farm visit.
  • If the poultry herd health instructor is Bóna Márta (BM in the schedule), students will have to shower (incl. hair washing) in the farm, and they won’t need their own rubber boots, these will be provided in the farm. As the visited grandparent flocks are not vaccinated against Salmonella, please do not come into contact with dead or alive poultry, cattle or pigs in the previous 3 days and do not bring raw products from these species.


General information about the last day of the shift, organized by Food Animal Medicine Clinic

  • Meeting point is Department of Obstetrics and Food Animal Medicine Clinic, István utca campus, Building L 1st floor
  • No working overalls/jackets are provided, only disposable overalls are used. Students need appropriate clothing according to the weather that can be used under the thin overall
  • Clean rubber boots are also needed

Making up rules:

  • If the announced dates are not good for someone, they can swap with other students (both from 4th and 5th year class). In this case, they are asked to email me (, and ‘cc the swap partner.
  • If someone wants to, but unexpectedly cannot start the shift (e.g., because of a sickness), they are asked to email me asap, and find a fellow student who can take over their shift.
  • If someone does not show up, unfortunately we cannot offer another date, as there are no free spots for the shift.


Budapest, 2023.02.06.


Dr. Könyves László

associate professor, head of Department

Exam information

Full time (60 hours) presence on the practicals. Active and interactive contribution to the execution of the practical tasks (approved by the academic staff). Omission has to be compensated during the actual semester according to the instructions of the responsible teacher. The official documentation of the reason of the omission (illness, vis majors, or other respectable reasons etc.) has to be presented to the responsible department secretary.