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Education Courses Pharmacotherapy


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Method of evaluation
semi-final examination
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Course description

Pharmacotherapy (Clinical pharmacology) is the
clinical discipline devoted to the optimal use of drugs in
veterinary patients, maximizing their prophylactic or
therapeutic benefits while ensuring that the adverse consequences
of drug use are minimized. Knowledge
of the pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic properties
of drugs and their toxic effects is inherent in
this discipline.


Lectures theme

Lectures start at 2.15 pm.  (except 26-02-2019 !, lecture starts at 4 pm.)

Place of lectures: Magyary-Kossa lecture hall (Pharmacology)

Week of semester Date Topics
4 26-02-2019 Drug management

Clinical pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

Control of CNS activity, epilepsy

6 12-03-2019 Anaesthesia

Pain  management

Pharmacotherapy of anti-inflammatory drugs

7 19-03-2019 Pharmacotherapy of the major body organ systems
8 26-03-2019 Pharmacotherapy of bacterial and fungal diseases

Pharmacology of skin infections

Pharmacology of gastrointestinal infections

Pharmacology of respiratory tract infections

Pharmacology of urinary tract infections

9 02-04-2019 Pharmacotherapy of parasitic disease

Antiprotozoal, anthelmintic and

ectoparasiticide drugs

10 09-04-2019 Consultation and written examination

Practical lessons theme

There is no practical course.

Evaluation description



– Attendance on lectures is obligatory, however student may miss max. 30% of lectures (2 days) if it is indicated (e.g. illness, official program).

– There is a written examination at the end of course. When retake or postpone of examination is necessary, the general education rules of the campus should be considered.

Exam information

Written examination.

Further exam dates will be given after consultation with students.