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Physical Education

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The aim of the Physical Education subject is to keep the students fit, strengthen their overall physical state and develop their physical abilities in order to achieve a generally acceptable fitness level which will enable them to fulfill their daily duties. Moreover, to awaken and develop an active interest in physical activity and sports.

Facilities of the P.E. department


Fitness room

Weight-training room

Activities in the GYM outside of P.E. classes:

mixed (ladies and men) volleyball practices, university basketball team women/men, badminton, soccer, floorball

Fitness room:    table tennis, aerobics, cardio equipment (treadmill, indoor bicycle, etc.), zumba fitness

Weight-training:  body -building, strength training

Availability of the facilities:

Gymnasium:  the gym is fully booked weekdays between 15:00-20:00; for any special requests please contact the department.  
Fitness room: available to the students every day between 8:00-20:00 according to prior reservation at the department.
Weight-training room: open every day between 7:00-19:00.

In case you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to contact us at the department.