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Education Courses Presentation skills development training

Presentation skills development training

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Course description

Lectures theme

Presentation skills development training

2021/2022. Year/I. Semester


Date Topics Lecturer Lectures

X. 28.


Introduction of students through creative tools

Kriska-Jámbor Judit 2
2 XI. 04. Storrytelling – Understanding the different types of stories; Identifying your story; The hormones of storryteling – what kind of relationship can be fromed through storytelling with the audience Kriska-Jámbor Judit 2
3 XI. 11. Storytelling Techniques in the presentations; Expressiveness and vocal range, Behaviour Kriska-Jámbor Judit 2
4 XI. 18. Props and Visual Aids for your presentation – good and bad examples, Power Point, Prezi Kriska-Jámbor Judit 2
5 XI. 25. Presentation – how to integrate our story in a presentation; Keeping your presentation focused, Behavior and body language during presentation Kriska-Jámbor Judit 2
6 XII. 02. What is a pitch? How to present a topic in a few minutes. (hook, attention drawing, building up the story from the end, sugesstiveness) Kriska-Jámbor Judit 2
7 XII. 09. Passionate purpose, practicing techniques, rehersal and demonstration

Exam presentation

Kriska-Jámbor Judit 3


Time of lectures: Thursday 17.00-18.30

Pplace of lectures: Department of Veterinary Forensics and Economics, Building „L”, 3rd floor

Exam: Presentation

Responsible lecturer: László Ózsvári


Budapest, 1st September, 2021.


László Ózsvári

Assoc. prof., Head of dept.