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Education Courses Presentation skills development training

Presentation skills development training

Semester in the curriculum
Suggested: 1st-6th semester
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Course description

Subject responsibility: Dr. László Ózsvári, full professor

General aim of the sbject: Achieving the set goals is essential to obtain proper knowledge. There is a difference between the so called “hard skills” and “soft skills”. Hard skills are professional skills, while soft skills are the personal skills that are obviously much more difficult to measure or prove, like a degree or career advancement. Work experience, attitude, communication skills, and emotional intelligence are part of “soft skills”. The purpose of the presentation skills development training is to provide participants with tools and methods for giving a clear, interesting and convincing presentation for their audience.The presentation skills development training deals with the two important factors of what to say and how to say it. The aim of the training is to provide the participants with comprehensive knowledge and experience that allows them to feel confident and prepared for their presentations, regardless of the situation.

Lectures theme

Presentation skills development training

 2023/2024. Year/I. Semester


1 X. 05. Introduction

Introduction of students through creative tools

Judit Kriska-Jámbor 2
2 X. 12. Storrytelling – Understanding the different types of stories; Identifying your story; The hormones of storryteling – what kind of relationship can be fromed through storytelling with the audience Judit Kriska-Jámbor 2
3 X. 19. Storytelling Techniques in the presentations; Expressiveness and vocal range, Behaviour Judit Kriska-Jámbor 2
4 XI. 09. Props and Visual Aids for your presentation – good and bad examples, Power Point, Prezi Judit Kriska-Jámbor 2
5 XI. 16. Presentation – how to integrate our story in a presentation; Keeping your presentation focused, Behavior and body language during presentation Judit Kriska-Jámbor 2
6 XI. 23. What is a pitch? How to present a topic in a few minutes (hook, attracting attention, building a story backwards, breaking the point) Judit Kriska-Jámbor 2
7 XI. 30. Passionate purpose, practicing techniques, rehersal and demonstration

Exam presentation

Judit Kriska-Jámbor 3


Time of lectures: Thursday 17.15-18.45

Place of lectures: Zlamál Vilmos Lecture Hall

Preliminaries of the signature: attendance of the lectures and writing of a succesful test

Responsible lecturer: Dr. László Ózsvári



Budapest, 1st September, 2023.



Dr. László Ózsvári

Full professor, Head of dept.