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Education Courses Presentation skills development training

Presentation skills development training

Semester in the curriculum
Suggested: 1st-6th semester
Allow for
  • Vet EN

Course description

Subject responsibility: Dr. László Ózsvári, full professor

General aim of the sbject: Achieving the set goals is essential to obtain proper knowledge. There is a difference between the so called “hard skills” and “soft skills”. Hard skills are professional skills, while soft skills are the personal skills that are obviously much more difficult to measure or prove, like a degree or career advancement. Work experience, attitude, communication skills, and emotional intelligence are part of “soft skills”. The purpose of the presentation skills development training is to provide participants with tools and methods for giving a clear, interesting and convincing presentation for their audience.The presentation skills development training deals with the two important factors of what to say and how to say it. The aim of the training is to provide the participants with comprehensive knowledge and experience that allows them to feel confident and prepared for their presentations, regardless of the situation.