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Education Courses Spanish for beginners 2

Spanish for beginners 2

optional C
Method of evaluation
practical grade
Semester in the curriculum
Practical lessons
Allow for
  • Vet EN

Course description

A general language course with the objective of revising basic vocabulary and grammar.It also focuses on learning new topics such as music,family,everyday activities,animals,cities,asking for a drink

Practical lessons theme

week 1 Repaso 1:datos personales,alimentos
week 2 Repaso 2:tiempo libre,lugares turísticos
week 3 Gustos/música el verbo gustar
week 4 La família,los posesivos
week 5 actividades diarias,días de la semana,frecuencia
week 6 la hora,verbos reflexivos e irregulares
week 7 Animales,colores/Repaso
week 8 Test
week 9 Ciudades,vocabulario,adjetivos,adverbios
week 10 Pedir y dar información en una ciudad
week 11 En el bar vocabulario,verbos poner y traer
week 12 Repaso
week 13 Test final

Evaluation description

Form of assessment:2 vocabulary tests,a mid and an end term test,speaking test or presentation

Type of grading:Practical grade