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Education Courses Prudent use of antimicrobial drugs

Prudent use of antimicrobial drugs

Method of evaluation
semi-final examination
Year in the curriculum
Semester in the curriculum
Allow for

Course description

Lectures theme

Topics of lectures in


2023/2024. I. semester

Time of lectures:

Thursday 1015-1200        Magyary-Kossa Lecture Hall


Week 1

7 Sept.

General guidelines of prudent antimicrobial use, PK/PD analysis. Human importance of antibiotics

dr. Ákos Jerzsele

Week 2

14 Sept

Usage of antibiotics in ruminants

dr. Ákos Jerzsele

Week 3

21 Sept

Usage of antibiotics in poultry

dr. Ákos Jerzsele

Week 4

28 Sept

Usage of antibiotics in swine

dr. Zoltán Somogyi

Week 5

5 Oct

Authorization of antimicrobial veterinary medicines in the European Union

Antibiotic reduction plan preparation

dr. Melinda Nemes-Terényi, dr. Zoltán Somogyi

Week 6

12 Oct

Usage of antibiotics in companion animals I.

dr. Zita Karancsi

Week 7

19 Oct

Usage of antibiotics in companion animals II.

dr. Zita Karancsi


Budapest, 01.09.2023.

Dr. Ákos Jerzsele

Head of Department

Evaluation description



Fall semester, academic year 2023/2024

Students will be hereby informed that the qualification system and requirements of the subject “PRUDENT USE OF ANTIMICROBIAL DRUGS” for the fall semester are as follows:

It is a one-semester subject. Lectures are presented every week (in 2 hours) for 7 weeks.

Completion of the semester requires:

– Regular visiting of the lectures (taking into account the current epidemiological regulations)

– Having professor’s signature in black book.


The examination is a written test, which starts with an entrance test. The entrance test is only accepted if no mistakes are made in it, otherwise the exam cannot be continued and ends with an unsatisfactory mark. Black book should be given to the examiner teacher in the beginning of the test.

Topics of the examination are lecture handouts and other files available on the home page.

Time for examination: 6 different time points evenly ranked during the examination period. These will be announced before the exam period. Results will be available in 3 working days after the exam.

Postponing of examination is allowed only once. More postponing is considered as repeated examination. Each student is allowed to have maximum three examinations per semester.

If a student cannot attend the exam due to sickness, they must notify the Department on the day of the exam at latest, and they must provide a medical certificate to justify their medical condition within 5 working days.


According to the score of test students will be evaluated by marks as follows:

excellent (5) – >90%

good (4) – >80%

medium (3) – >70%

satisfactory (2) – >60%

unsatisfactory (1) – ≤60%


Budapest, 01. 09. 2023.


Dr. Ákos Jerzsele

head of department, associate professor

Exam information



In case of Moodle exam 

2023/2024/1st semester


Entrance test: 10 minutes

II. and III. part: 50 minutes

Task type Description Points
Entrance test

12 pairing tasks

substance- mechanism of action pairing

substance- mode of action pairing

substance- group of antibiotics pairing

In case of one or more mistake(s), the exam is unsatisfactory.


Perfect solution: 6 points.

II. part

20 questions

simple choice 20 points
III. part

6 tasks

tasks requiring active knowledge

1.      General guidelines – 4 points

2.      Authorization – 4 points

3.      Cattle – 4 points

4.      Poultry – 4 points

5.      Swine – 4 points

6.      Companion animals – 4 points

graph analysis – true or false questions

comprehension – true or false questions

simple true or false questions

24 points


Budapest, 01. 09. 2023.

Dr. Ákos Jerzsele

head of department, associate professor