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Education Doctoral school Research thesis topics

Research thesis topics

List of Doctoral School Research Thesis Topics (2020/2024):


Name Topic
Balka Gyula Infection dinamics and phylogeny of porcine circo and parvoviruses in large scale swine herds
 Bálint Ádám Application of molecular methods during PRRS eradication
Bartha Tibor Analysing the effects of endocrine disruptors on hypothalamic functions in rodent models

1 Bartha Tibor                       

2 Mándoki Míra

Research on veterinary medical education, new methods in knowledge providing
Benkő Mária Study of novel adenoviruses derived from bats and rodents
Cseh Sándor Prospects of in vitro culture and cryopreservation of preantral follicles in different species
1 Cseh Sándor
2 Vass Nóra
The relevance of assisted reproduction methods in sheep breeding
1 Dénes Béla
2 Jánosi Szilárd
Application of advanced protein analysis and bioinformatic methods in exploring molecular background of false positive reactions in serological testing for brucellosis.
1 Dénes Béla
2 Lőrincz Márta
Effect of Modifications of the Innate Immune Responses on Tumours in Animals.
Doszpoly Andor Identification and characterization of economically important fish viruses and development of new generation prototype vaccines
Eszterbauer Edit The genetic variability of parasitic fungal species in fish hatcheries and the possibilities of biological control against fish mould
Frenyó V. László Impacts and significance of hypothalamic functional asymmetry in the regulation of circadian rhythm
Gál János Examination of certain infectious diseases of exotic animals
Gálfi Péter Prospects in the prevention of inflammation and oxidative stress-induced cell death on in vitro cell model
1 Korbacska-Kutasi Orsolya
2 Cserhalmi Dániel
The efficiency of herbal based products in the treatment of different kind of diseases in horses

1  Kreizinger Zsuzsa        

 2 Gyuranecz Miklós

Comparative characterization of Mycoplasma iowae isolates
Gyuranecz Miklós             Characterization of avian Mycoplasma species with the help of bioinformatics
Harrach Balázs Diversity and phylogeny of animal adenoviruses
Hornok Sándor Vector-borne and waterborne pathogens at the interface between domestic and wild mammals: comparative molecular-phylogenetic investigation of species complexes emerging in Hungary
Hornok Sándor Role of birds in the epidemiology of tick-borne pathogens
Jerzsele Ákos Integrated analysis of the consumption of antibacterial agents and occurrence of antimicrobial resistance in bacteria from humans and food producing animals in Hungary
Jerzsele Ákos Evolution and co-selection of ESBL (extended spectrum beta-lactamases) production in E. coli strains of poultry origin
 Jurkovich Viktor The effects of social stress and human-animal relationship in dairy cattle
1. Jurkovich Viktor
2. Korbacska-Kutasi Orsolya
Objective Stress Assessment and burn-out prevention in Animal (horse and dog) Assisted Interventions (AAIs)
Kaján Győző Vector-based haemorrhagic enteritis vaccine for turkeys
Könyves László Péter Investigation of the role of environmental risk factors in the development of multifactorial diseases of poultry flocks

  1  Kövér Szilvia             

  2 Vili Nóra

Population viability analysis and estimation of dispersal parameters of the Eastern Imperial Eagle population of the Carpathian Basin
1. Lang Zsolt
2. Ózsvári László
Prevalence and impact on production parameters of infectious diseases
Lányi Katalin Food safety aspects of applying post-harvest pesticides
Lehel József Investigation of food safety and human health risk of heavy metal burden of foods of animal origin
1 Lőrincz Márta
2 Kővágó Csaba
Investigations on the immunologic background of human metal fume fever using animal model
Magyar Tibor Genetic diversity, host adaptation and the spread of antibiotic resistance in Pasteurella multocida
1. Mátis Gábor
2.  Neogrády Zsuzsanna
Antimikrobiális peptidek hatásainak vizsgálata csirke eredetű primer máj- és bélhámsejt-tenyészeteken
1 Ózsvári László
2 Kasza Gyula
Economic, market and legal aspects of producing game meat food products
Pásztiné Dr. Gere Erzsébet In vitro examination of the damaging effects of mycotoxin combinations
Psáder Roland New therapeutic and diagnostic approaches to canine gastrointestinal diseases
Reiczigel Jenő Adjusting statistical analyses for misclassification, with emphasis on sample size calculation
Solymosi Norbert Artificial intelligence-based genomic studies on antimicrobial resistance

  1  Sterczer Ágnes              

  2 Kiss Dávid Sándor

Investigation of cellular impairments in neurons and glial cells in relation of hepatic encephalopathy
Szmolka Annamária Epidemiologic significance of novel and emerging plasmids of resistance and virulence of Salmonella and E. coli in poultry
Szűts Tamás Salticid spiders of Papua New Guinea
Tarpataki Noémi The effect of an ex vivo boosted immune cell therapy on canine atopic dermatitis with focus on long term efficacy, safety and applicability in practice
Tarpataki Noémi Survey and monitoring of the immune status before, during and after the elimination and provocative diet in dogs with Adverse Food Reaction (AFR)
Zádori Zoltán Vaccine and diagnostics developments for better prevention of ssDNA viruse infections
Zenke Petra Wildlife protection and the preservation of integrity in the hunting tradition through forensic DNA analysis

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