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Autumn semester

  Credits Lectures & practicals Lecturer 
A1. Basics of Biostatistics  4 32 Dr. Reiczigel Jenő
A1. Application-driven Biostatistics in Excel  1.5 16 Abonyi-Tóth Zsolt
A1. Planning and Evaluation of Experiments  4 24 Dr. Reiczigel Jenő
A1. Library Informatics  3 16 Bikádi Katalin
A1. Research Planning 4 24 Dr. Kis János
A1. Laboratory Animal Science and Animal Welfare  8 80 Dr. Fekete Sándor György

Spring semester

  Credits Lectures & practicals  Lecturer 
A2. Ethics in Research 2 10 Dr. Harnos Andrea
A2. Graphics and Presentation 2,5 24 Bajcsayné Fábián Ibolya
A2. Introduction into Education 3 10 Dr. Molnár Marietta
A2. Methods for Scientific Communication 3 28 Dr. Hornung Erzsébet
A2. Planning and Evaluation of Epidemiological Studies 3 24 Dr. Reiczigel Jenő
A2. Regression Models, Regression Analysis in Research 3 24 Dr. Reiczigel Jenő
A31. Advanced Excel Skills 2 24 Dr. Reiczigel Jenő
A31. Bioinformatics 2 20 Dr. Bartha Tibor
A31. Computer Modeling 3 42 Dr. Kövér Szilvia
A31. Eukaryotic Cell Cultures  4 40 Dr. Farkas Orsolya, Dr. Gere Erzsébet
A31. Genomics Practicum 30 Dr. Solymosi Norbert
A31. Microbial Biotechnology 2 12 Dr. Forgách Petra
A31. Models in Population Biology 2 28 Dr. Kövér Szilvia
A31. Molecular Biology Dr. Jancsik Veronika
A31. Redox Status and Oxidative Stress in Cell Biology 2 6 Pásztiné Dr. Gere Erzsébet
A31. The molecular physiology of the cells 1,5 15 Dr. Bartha Tibor