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Education Students’ secretariat Timetable, Clinical practice schedule

Timetable, Clinical practice schedule


Academic year 2019/20, spring-term

TIMETABLES (updated on 29th January 2020)

1st year timetable

2nd year timetable

3rd year timetable

4th year timetable

5th year timetable


BUS SCHEDULE (updated on 29th January 2020)

Transfer to Üllő



updated schedules will be soon available for spring-semester of academic year 2019/2020 !




Academic year 2019/20, winter-term

Transfer to Üllő (bus schedule) winter-semester Academic year 2019/2020:

Transfer to Üllő in winter semester 2019/2020


Former clinical day schedules:

E3: info on Surgery 1. spring 2018_19    (16/01/2019)

E3: info on Clinical diagnostics practicals (23/01/2019)

E4: info on Surgery 3. spring 2018_19 (16/01/2019)

E4: info on Large Animal Clinic, 4th year schedule 2018_19_spring  (28/01/2019)

E3: Info on Clinical Diagnostics and Surgery1     (spring 2018)
E4: Info on Internal Med.2, Obstetrics2 and Surgery3, Large Animal Clinic   (spring, 2018)


Former Timetables:

Timetable 2019_20_winter term

Timetable 2018_19 spring term

Timetable 2018_19_winter term

Timetable 2017_18_spring term