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Education Students’ secretariat Timetable, Clinical practice schedule

Timetable, Clinical practice schedule

Academic year 2023/24, Spring-term


English 1st year Timetable 2023_24_2 (final update 2024.02.05.)

English 2nd year Timetable 2023_24_2  (updated on 25th Jan.2024)


English 4th year Timetable 2023_24_2 (updated on 19th Jan.2024)

English 5th year Timetable 2023_24_2 (updated on 25th Jan.2024)


Academic year 2023/24, Winter-term

TIMETABLE for the English program:



Year 3 Timetable 2023_24 Winter Semester

Year 4 Timetable_2023-24 Winter Semester



Academic year 2022/23, spring-term

updated on 011/01/2023:

TIMETABLE for the English program:

ENG 4th year timetable spring 2022_23 (updated on 11/01/2023)

ENG 5th year timetable spring 2022_23 (updated on 20/01/2023)

ENG-2nd-year-timetable-spring-2022-23 (3) új (updated on 01/19/2023)

ENG 1st year timetable spring 2022_23

ENG 3rd year timetable spring 2022_23



Clinical day information:

3rd year:


4th year

Small animal medicine 3:

Infodoc SAM III 2023

SAM 3 Pract Internal Medicine 2022-23

SAM III_Lectures 2022-2023_

SAM III_Practical English_SURG 2022-2023

Equine Medicine 3 Lectures 2023

Equine Medicine 3 Practicals 2023


4th year Polyclinical summer practice (2002) information:

Certificate_Summer practice


Summer practice informations




BUS-SCHEDULE for Üllő, Large Animal Clinic (updated on 30th August 2021)

Bus schedule fall 2021

You need to sign up for the bus ride towards the Large Animal Clinic: bus sign up to Üllő


Clinical days:


4th year:

Small Animal Medicine 2:

Infodoc_SAM II_2022_2023_1

SAM II_Lectures 2022-2023

SAM II_Practical English SURG 2022-2023_1

SmallAnimal-II-Int-Med_practica_2022-23 english.docx



5th year:

OPHTHALMOLOGY LECTURES 2022 23 first semester

OPHTHALMOLOGY PRACTICALS 2022 23 (start: 13th Sept.)



Former Timetables:

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