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Research Research teams Education Development and E-learning Research Group

Education Development and E-learning Research Group

RESEARCH GROUP LEADER: Dr. Tibor BARTHA PhD, professor (Dr. Míra MÁNDOKI PhD, associate professor)

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1) Dr. István TÓTH

2) Dr. Dávid Sándor KISS

3) Dr. Gergely JÓCSÁK

4) Dr. Anna SZILASI

5) Levente SOMOGYI



This research group focuses on the adaptation of new trends and accreditation requirements in the veterinary teaching, works on the implementation of non-professional life skills into the busy curriculum. Besides the classic educational research, also supports students with learning difficulties. This areas provide interesting possibilities for analysis especially taking into consideration the international campus of the university. Main areas in the scope of the research group are e-learning, e-portfolio, assessment, feedback, entrustable professional activities (EPAs), virtual patients, online professional networking, lifelong learning.



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