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Equine Medicine Research Group


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1) Dr. Zoltán BAKOS

2) Dr. Annamária NAGY

3) Dr. Zita MAKRA

4) Dr. Pál TUSKA

5) Dr. Péter TÓTH

6) Szilvia KOVÁCS

7) Dr. Zsófia PÁL

8) Dr. Simon IZING


10) Koppány BOROS

11) Dr. Emese BÓDAI



Equine Orthopedics, Equine Surgery, Equine Internal Medicine and Cardiology and Equine Ophtalmology. Equine Orthopedics: thoroughbred racehorses and show jumping horses were involved in a research, which focused on the comperative CT, MRI and radiological examination of the fetlock joint of those performance and competing horses. This research is ongoing until 2025. As Equine Surgrey is concerned our research group published results of our upper airway research in Vet. Surg. Mosaicplasty was another ongoing research topic, dealing with allograft transplantation and our long term results on the field of joint resurfacement. On the field of Equine Cardiology our research group had several publications and lectures on international congresses. This project has further ongoing research in the next years too. On the field of Equine Ophtalmology we publised peculiar cases and a double blind study on cornea anaesthesiology.



1) Pisano Simone, Stoffel Michael, Bodó Gábor (2021): Ex vivo study of vagal branches at risk for iatrogenic injury during laryngoplasty in horses. VETERINARY SURGERY (0161-3499 1532-950X): 50 2 pp 425-434 (2021)

2) Makra Z, Eördögh R, Fábián I, Veres-Nyéki K. (2021): Evaluation of corneal anaesthesia after the application of topical 0.5% bupivacaine, 2% lidocaine and 0.4% oxybuprocaine in normal horses. Veterinary Aneasthesia and Analgesia, 48 (6): 972-976.

3) Nagy, A. (2020): Clinical Insights: Lameness diagnosis in sports horses. EQUINE VETERINARY JOURNAL 52, 775-778.”

4) Veres‐Nyéki Kata O, Nyéki József, Bodó Gábor, Spadavecchia Claudia (2020): Quantitative sensory testing of the equine face. EQUINE VETERINARY JOURNAL (0425-1644 ): 53 1 pp 177-185

5) Toth, B.; Auth, A.; Rompos, L.; Bakos, Z. (2018): Effect of feed deprivation on selected parameters of lipid mobilisation and hepatic function in healthy Akhal Teke horses. EQUINE VETERINARY JOURNAL 50 : 1 pp. 98-103. , 6 p.



1) Comparative magnetic resonance imaging, computer tomographic and radiographic examinations of the metacarpophalangeal joint of horses in full race and competition training: a longitudinal study

2) Thematic Excellence Programme: New diagnostic methods in equine medicine

3) Development of a tool kit for mosaic plastic surgery

4) Development of a catheter for cryoballoon ablation