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1st UNIVET Oktoberfest 2019

Marek Days are the largest student event in the autumn semester of the University of Veterinary Medicine and the first real get-together for the students of the new academic year.

This is the time when they can occupy the university and welcome the coming winter with lively and fun sports programmes. The purpose of the four-day event is to cheer and loosen up the newly-arrived first-year students before the dark winter so that they could mingle, get to know each other and enjoy the benefits of university life together with their instructors.

The German-language veterinary training programme was launched here at the University of Veterinary Medicine 30 years ago.  As the first event of the series to celebrate this round anniversary, we joined forces with the students to organize the 1st UNIVET Oktoberfest and helped our German students to promote and present their culture as well as to celebrate the jubilee together with all the other veterinary students.

Photos: Anikó Horváth