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COVID-19 Further provisions

The past few weeks have brought many changes to the life of our University, which requires an extraordinary attitude from our students, lecturers and every colleague of the University. Please listen to my video message on further provisions concerning our education.

Animal Health Championship: from contestant to organizer – interview with Noémi Madarász, a first-year student

We had a chat with Noémi Madarász about the Animal Health Championship. Noémi is in a special situation because she could gain experience in all the three championships yet organised. In the first two, she was among the contestants as a high-school student while this year she was one of the organisers as a first-year student of the University of Veterinary Medicine.

The night – a talk with Dr Péter Sótonyi on Kossuth Radio

Dr Péter Sótonyi, the rector of the University of Veterinary Medicine, was the guest of the writer, poet and literary historian Mihály Takaró at 9 p.m. 19th March on “The Night” show on Kossuth Radio. During the almost half-an-hour talk, the topics of Professor Sótonyi’s family, life, dedication to the horse, public role as well as the significance of the alma mater for the Hungarian veterinary faculty – and for the increasing international veterinary society – were all discussed.

COVID-19 Information

Dear Students! Large amount of often contradictory information appeared about coronavirus in the media. Please listen to my video message.