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Remembering our Heroes

On Heroes’ Day, we commemorate the Hungarian soldiers and civilians who, defended Hungary and died a heroic death in the battles of the last 1000 years.

Life before and after a clinical practice

He has Hungarian origins, he grew up in Saudi Arabia but a piece of his heart stayed in Budapest forever. He cured a crocodile and put screws in a camel’s mandible before giving up clinical practice. We interviewed Dr Mark Hedberg.

COVID-19 information: about the opening

Based on the decision of the Operational Group, responsible for the control of the coronavirus epidemic in Hungary, the personal mobility restrictions were lifted in Budapest on 18th of May 2020. The University of Veterinary Medicine Budapest maintains protection measures in force regardless of the consolidation and urges its students, lecturers and staff to comply with the general epidemiological standards.

Is it the toucan or the tiny titmouse? The winners of our creative art competition

The creative art competition 2020 organized by the University of Veterinary Medicine Budapest on the occasion of Birds and Trees Day was a great success. The contest – which lasted for almost a month – gave opportunity to Hungarian and international children between the age of 6 and 18 who are keen on nature and animals to show their artistic vein and win some valuable prizes.

Instagram Live: All you need to know about admission

We are coming with the next Instagram Live Session on Tuesday (12th May) and Thursday (14th May) with our Admission Officers. If you have any questions send us using the Question card in our Instagram Story, it opens 24 hours before the Live Session. Topic of the week: Everything about admission Platform: Instagram Time: Tuesday at

“Doc, you’re a woman, you can’t do this!”

In the first part of our interview, we introduced Dr Anna Schwahofer who makes decisions on thousands of animals’ lives day by day. In the second part, she talks about the daily routine of a vet working in livestock care; why she decided to find a job here instead of equine care and if there’s a pay gap between small and large animal practices. She also gives us an insight into some of her memorable cases.

Virtual Farewell Ceremony – a surprise to our graduates

There is no university without traditions, and we cannot let our students miss any of it. Every spring during the student march, to say good-bye, students visit places at the campus where they spent the most beautiful years of their lives. To make this possible – without violating the rules of restrictions – our leadership