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Filter Featured Vet community incited by 13th Practice Management Conference – visitor turnout doubles for this year’s largest veterinary conference

Vet community incited by 13th Practice Management Conference – visitor turnout doubles for this year’s largest veterinary conference

The Practice Management Conference is Hungary’s greatest annual veterinary event for resident vets, practitioners, assistants and veterinary students. To operate a successful veterinary practice, you need management skills in addition to your professional knowledge. That is the reason why Alphavet has been organizing its annual Practice Management Conference for the 13th time.

One of the largest events for the Hungarian veterinary community was hosted by the University of Veterinary Medicine Budapest this year, too. Attended by 1100 professional colleagues and veterinary students and featuring 5 professional sections in parallel, the conference had famous presenters, experts and highly-acclaimed vets to guide the participants through such issues as practice management, organizational and personal development.

The event was opened by Rector of the University of Veterinary Medicine Budapest Dr. Péter Sótonyi. In his dynamic speech, he expressed his appreciation of the conference organizers for holding this professional event for the 13th time in a row to help veterinarians in their efforts to run a more successful and fruitful practice.

The greatest cohesive force is the Alma Mater, where all vets come from, and we are happy to host such a high-quality professional conference that armours vets with the knowledge to operate a better practice and provide a higher level of care for their patients,” Dr. Péter Sótonyi pointed out.

Dr. Gábor Gönczi, the President of the Hungarian Veterinary Chamber expressed his optimism regarding the status of the veterinary profession and emphasized the importance of practice management.

The event’s chief organizer, honorary associate professor Dr. Attila Móré, who is also the president of Alpha Investment Holding Inc, said that Alphavet, despite being a for-profit company, has always laid great emphasis on paying something forward to the veterinary community. That’s why they have been organizing this event with a relentless enthusiasm for over a decade. He also encouraged all young vets to keep their ancestors and teachers in mind and to appreciate the knowledge that was passed on to them by the previous generations.

In line with the latest trends, the conference featured five parallel sections such as practice management; digitalization and technology; motivation and personal development; business theatre (networking, organization development and site management). According to Dr. Attila Móré, we should pay attention to the needs of today’s younger generations who typically look for a professional content and instant knowledge when they register for a conference, while the more senior participants are happy to attend award presentations or listen to laudations on occasion. That’s why the conference had separate sections to focus on 5 key issues because it’s not enough to be a good vet to run a successful practice; it’s also vital to acquire the necessary management and organization skills, self-awareness as well as the appropriate communication skills to interact with staff members and clients alike.