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Suture course was held with the help of the Norwegian Veterinary Society

Suture practice course was held for 20 Norwegian students on the 29th of February at the university. The goal of the course was to teach students how to do different suture techniques for skin closure.

In order to be good at suturing, students need to practice as much as they can. With the help of this course, attendees had the opportunity to try suturing for the first time, meanwhile, others could develop their techniques. The event was organized by the Norwegian Veterinary Society for Norwegian vet students studying at the University of Veterinary Medicine Budapest. Board members of the Society volunteered to be the instructors and the University provided a lecture hall as a venue.

„Suturing is part of the 4th year curriculum, but it’s always a good idea to learn the basics before that. It’s also fun! For those students who had already known some suturing techniques, it is a great opportunity to practise and after this, we can help others by teaching them. I think it was very helpful for all of us and a nice social break from all the studies” – said Janita Aamo vet student.

About the Norwegian Veterinary Society

The Norwegian Veterinary Society has local student clubs in almost all countries where Norwegian veterinary students are studying. They promote a high professional ethical standard among its members and contribute positive profiling of the veterinary profession in general. They organise various social events and seminars also protect the students’ rights. Some of these seminars are held in English so not only Norwegian but other students are welcomed as well.