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Donations to support the implementation of a statue to commemorate Dr. Márton Galambos

As the only domestic institution of the internationally renowned Hungarian veterinary education, we have always devoted special attention to commemorating the great personalities of veterinary education. Throughout its 230 plus years, our university has given a great number of acclaimed professors and researchers to the veterinary science of Hungary and the world.

Dr. Márton Galambos was a veterinarian, surgeon, obstetrician, a doctor of philosophy and medicine as well as a professor of chemistry, general pathology and therapeutics, theoretical and practical morbid anatomy as well as pharmacology. To honour his devoted work, the University of Veterinary Medicine Budapest is planning to erect a statue in the University’s park. The cost of the implementation is to be partially covered by donations from sponsors.

Dr. Márton Galambos was born in Selmecbánya (Banská Štiavnica) on 15 April 1820. He conducted his secondary school studies in the Piarist Grammar School of Pest, then he enrolled in the Medical Faculty of the University of Pest where he obtained a degree in surgery, obstetrics and veterinary science in 1846. He got his MD degree in 1858. He started working as assistant professor to Vilmos Zlamál at the Imperial and Royal Veterinary Medical Institute of Pest in 1847. He was appointed as associate professor in 1849 as a teacher of three subjects. He worked as a military physician during the 1848 revolution. Since he was fully devoted to serving the Hungarian cause, he and Professor Zlamál were both suspended from their jobs in 1853. The measure was retracted by the royal council three years later. Although he never received any reward for his extraordinary work far surpassing his assigned tasks, he was charged to teach 9 subjects instead of the mandatory 3, and he was also giving additional lectures in pharmacology, general pathology and therapeutics. He was promoted to full professor in 1863. He taught natural history, breed studies, dietetics, physics, chemistry, botany, general pathology and therapeutics, pharmacology and morbid anatomy. Due to the extended severe physical and mental overload, he became ill in the next year. The government soon realized that one professor cannot possibly be expected to give lectures on nine subjects in two languages, so Márton Galambos was charged to teach chemistry, general pathology and therapeutics, theoretical and practical morbid anatomy as well as pharmacology instead. He established an in-house hospital for small animals where he held regular clinical lectures on a daily basis.

His research achievements gained international significance, as he was the first in the world to detect cattle plague (Rinderpest) infection in sheep. He observed that the disease, which was typically lethal for cattle, was significantly milder in sheep. Consequently, he submitted a proposal in 1861 to immunize cattle by using Rinderpest contagium extracted from sheep. He reported his findings at the same time when Semmelweis published his work on the etiology of childbed fever, i.e., twenty years before Pasteur’s first anti-rabies vaccinations. Based on Galambos’ observations, the national veterinary officer proposed to immunize cattle accordingly, but it was rejected by the royal council.

His book titled Pharmacology for Veterinarians and Farmers was published in 1871. After a long illness, he died in Pozsony (Bratislava) on 5 September 1872. He left behind his widow and six children of minor age. Working in one of the stormiest periods of our Alma Mater, Márton Galambos always performed his duties with limitless zeal and self-sacrifice. His devotion and patriotism are exemplary for the generations to follow.

If you agree with the initiative of the University of Veterinary Medicine Budapest and would like to support the construction of the statue, please donate within your means for a worthy commemoration of Márton Galambos.

You can support the cause by transferring your donation to our Foundation’s bank account as indicated below:

Name of the foundation:

EQUUSVET Hallgatói Kulturális és Szociális Alapítvány (EQUUSVET Student Cultural and Social Foundation)

Bank account number of the foundation:

OTP Bank 11707024 – 20437925

Please indicate the following in the comment section: Statue of Dr. Márton Galambos

Thank you very much for your honourable donation and we look forward to welcoming you to the unveiling ceremony of the statue. The event is planned for the second half of October; we will contact you with the exact date.