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Equus Days 2022

The Equus Days could finally return in 2022. This iconic event of the spring semester was pushed back into the online space for two years because of the coronavirus epidemic. Equus Days have been a tradition since 1975 that brings together different grades of veterinary students to have fun together before the exam period.

This year, the program started with a Hungarian tradition, sprinkling on Easter Monday. Other programs included: a dog beauty contest, Balázs Baji running competition, cake baking competition, (water) sports competitions, dancing salsa and of course parties at the Equus club.

This year’s guests of Pudding-XTRA were Dr Péter Sótonyi, Rector of the University, Dr Míra Mándoki, Head of the Department of Pathology, and Tímea Horváthné Csapó, Head of Students’ Secretariat (for Hungarian students) who talked about their lives and careers.

One of the highlights of Equus Days is the “International Day” in the campus park, where a growing number of students coming from more and more countries introduce their nations’ special food and drinks.

After two years, the usual march of the students was back as well. A carriage with the Rector of the university accompanied by hundreds of students pulled out the main gate and went to the dormitory.


Photos: Gusztáv Tóth, Zoltán Radványi