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Events VETATHON 2023: Students’ Innovation Competition – “New technological solutions in animal health and animal husbandry”

VETATHON 2023: Students’ Innovation Competition – “New technological solutions in animal health and animal husbandry”

After a successful event two years ago, the University of Veterinary Medicine Budapest and Óbuda University will again organize the VETATHON student innovation competition on April 21-22, 2023.

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After the highly successful hackathon in 2021, the two higher education institutions are organizing another student innovation competition called VETATHON. In the hackathon competition two years ago, 41 students of 7 teams from 6 countries competed against each other for valuable prizes. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the competition took place online, but this year the event will take place with in-person participation.

The main feature of the hackathon competition is that mixed teams of the two universities have to develop a solution to a problem in 24 hours and present it in English to a jury, consists of members mostly from the private sector. Mentors will support the teams in developing the solution.

Two years ago the winner team named Pawsome invented microchip-based monitoring system for cattles that allows early detection of ketosis. The second-place Veta-tech team proposed an innovative herbal supplement production system, while on the third place, the Vengineers team came up with the idea of a pet collar and related app for prevention purposes to help avoid various infectious diseases.

The central topic of this year’s competition is “New technological solutions in animal health and animal husbandry”.

By the end of the competition in response to this topic and the challenges within, the organizers expect solutions that will provide new approaches by combining the two fields (animal health and engineering/informatics), which can even be developed and utilized into an actual product or process. The solutions must therefore apply both veterinary and technical knowledge. Based on previous similar competitions, the organizing universities expect student teams to develop unique approaches, expand areas of application, and even new research directions occur at the hackathon, which can even result in startups or form the basis for marketizable products relevant to the sponsors.

The competition is open to international students, therefore it is conducted in English. It means that not only the advertisements and briefings will be available in English, but at the end of the 24-hour marathon, the presentation must be prepared and presented in English. The venue for the April 21-22 competition will be provided by Óbuda University (1034 Budapest, Bécsi út 96/B).

Before the event, we will also organize a personal briefing, where not only useful and practical information will be shared, but we will also help to find a team for those who do not have one yet. This team forming meetup and information event will be held on 11.04.2023, at 5:00 the EQUUS Club of the University of Veterinary Medicine Budapest. On this meetup the participating students will learn about the challenges within the central topic, but more specific, embodying a real problem, from which each team can choose one.

The teams (and their members) who rank high at VETATHON will receive valuable prizes! Students who are interested should keep an eye on related news, the organizers will soon provide more details!

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Project no. 2019-1.2.1-EGYETEMI-ÖKO-2019-00010 and the VETATHON has been implemented with the support provided by the Ministry of Innovation and Technology of Hungary from the National Research, Development and Innovation Fund, financed under the University Innovation Ecosystem (2019-1.2.1-EGYETEMI-ÖKO) funding scheme.