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In memory of the establishment of the EQUUS Club

The establishment of the EQUUS Club of the University of Veterinary Medicine Budapest was significantly influenced by László Bucsy and György Hamar, university students in 1967 and 1968. In memory of the two, on April 19, 2023, a commemorative plaque was placed in the Club on the initiative of László Horváth, an alumni.

The road leading to the opening of the basement club was a long one. With the collaboration of hundreds of students, staff members, and four months of hard work, the neglected coal storage of the former rector’s building was transformed into its new form. The Club opened in May 1968 and in 1972, it received the title of “Excellent Youth Club” in a national competition. The current rector of the university, Prof. Dr. Péter Sótonyi, nostalgically reminisced about this period and shared his own experiences with the guests who were graduates from the years of 1970 to 1972, filling the EQUUS Club. After the unveiling of the plaque, there was a discussion led by Dr. Tibor Gaál, a retired university professor, which included presentations about the participants’ experiences and memories related to the Club.

The decoration and interior design executed under the direction of György Hamar and László Bucsy turned the former EQUUS into one of the most beautiful clubs in Budapest. They personally crafted the wrought-iron decorations and created the “stained glass” windows using painting techniques, which made the room unique. Its popularity was evident as many famous artists, writers, and musicians of the time frequently visited, including Imre Antal, Alfonzó, János Gálvölgyi, Mihály Váci, Rodolfó, Géza Hofi, Béla Abodi, László Gyurkó, the Rajkó Orchestra, the Kaláka band, and many others.

With the opening of EQUUS, a new club life began at the Alma Mater, which still plays a central role in university life in 2023.