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Veterinary profession

Veterinary Profession 

Lectures (on Wednesdays, from 12.15-13.45 in the Assembly Hall)

20th of September: dr. László Krajcsovics (field veterinarian, Szeged)

4th of October: Prof. Dr. Slaven Grbic (microbiologist, honorary consul of Bosnia and Herzegovina)

11th of October: dr. László Búza (Regional Marketing Manager for the Swine Industry)

18th of October: Prof. Dr. Tamás Abonyi (Director, National Office of Foodchain Security, Directorate of Veterinary Diagnostics)

25th of October: dr. Zsolt Pintér (President, Hungarian Veterinary Chamber)

8th of November: dr. Gábor Lorászkó (forensic expert)

15thof November: dr. László Reinitz (anatomist)



further lecturers:

dr. László Z. Reinitz (Ass. prof. of Anatomy)

Gábor Lorászkó (forensic expert, small-animal veterinarian, animal-wellfare expert)


EXAM:  Simple-choice test, 15-20 mins long. Probably Online on the week after the last lecture.

Due to the positions of the invited lecturers, attendance will be checked on every lecture and this will affect the exam result.


Any change in the schedule will be announced here.

last update: 2023.09.05.