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History of the Large Animal Clinic

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Hungary’s one and only Horse Clinic with non-stop patient care services. The clinic is one of the leading equine medicine centers in Europe thanks to its internationally experienced veterinary team and new CT and MRI equipment.

The Department and Clinic of Equine Medicine was established in September 2013 with the aim of teaching Equine medicine, research and patient care at an outstanding level.

The university became independent again in 2016. Since then the well-trained veterinary staff with foreign experience provides full-time around the clock service to its patients on the field of equine surgery, emergency care (fracture repair, colic surgery, traumatised patients etc.), internal medicine and obstetrics.

Veterinary training in Hungary is available in three languages; apart from the Hungarian programme, we can offer English and German programmes to students coming from around 50 countries of the world who well outnumber the Hungarian students.


Patients from the surrounding countries (Slovakia, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, Austria) also come to the clinic regularly.