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Clinics Food Animal Clinic Services Reproductive management of dairy and beef herds

Reproductive management of dairy and beef herds

Occasional or regular examinations of reproductive management and performance of herds and recommendations for changes in management methods. Comprehensive reproductive management of postpartum animals – checking the timing of the resumption of the ovarian cycle, early pregnancy diagnoses by means of ultrasonography, diagnosis and treatment of infertility cases.

  • Metabolic profiling of herds and individual animals. To identify the problems caused by reproductive disorders such as for example decreases in milk yield, we offer a full laboratory service.
  • In the case of sudden infectious diseases, or for diseases associated with high mortality rates, we offer not only on-farm examinations and sampling, but also necropsy examinations in our laboratory.


Csaba Á. Bajcsy PhD, Dipl. ECBHM »
András Horváth DVM »
Zoltán Szelényi DVM »
Ottó Szenci DVM, PhD, DSc, Dipl. ECBHM »