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COVID-19 Information

COVID-19 Information

COVID-19 information for prospective students, please click here.

Information for current students

In the midst of the COVID19 epidemic situation, the University of Veterinary Medicine considers the introduction of adequate measures and continuous information giving – especially about changes in the academic schedule – extremely important. Our institute has been training future veterinarians uninterruptedly for 233 years, which – despite the changed circumstances – is still being provided on high-standard by the lecturers and employees of the university.

We are constantly following the news about the relevant epidemic situation as well as holding day-to-day meetings in this regard in order to make the most necessary and adequate measures.

Please note that during your stay in Hungary, regardless of your citizenship, the laws of Hungary must be kept in all cases – especially in emergencies. Also violating the rules of restrictions can lead to severe penalty.

The procedure in connection with the COVID19 epidemic, the frequently asked questions by our students, the previously made measures, the documents sent out are all available in the menu on the right.

Please listen to my video message on further provisions concerning our education:



Dear Students,

Large amount of often contradictory information appeared about coronavirus in the media.

In order to keep our students informed, to protect their health, and to ensure that the education at our University remains uninterrupted – as it has been in the past 233 years – I hereby order the followings.


Since the worldwide appearance of the coronavirus, our university has taken all necessary actions and followed all precautions. We kept our students informed. As compared to the rest of Europe and beyond the outbreak in Hungary remains at a low level.


One of the most effective ways to prevent the coronavirus infection is to limit human interactions in dense indoor areas. For this reason – according to the Hungarian government’s decision today – I order the university education to switch to distance learning and I declare a no-entry policy for students for an indefinite period of time.


From the 16th of March, we educate our students and carry out examinations online. Technical information will follow soon.


Students are not allowed to enter the campus starting from 12th of March. The student dormitory will be closed from 14th of March on.


At the moment the number of coronavirus infected patients in Hungary is lower than in many European and other countries. Therefore, students leaving Hungary can only come to Campus after staying in home quarantine for two weeks after returning to Budapest.

Up-to-date information on coronavirus focal points and high-risk areas is available at and and also at the Consular Service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


I urge everyone to comply with the general epidemiological standards.

Information and related policies are available on our University website at in English.

Should you have any questions or announcements, please contact [Click to see email].

Toll-free hotlines are available 24/7: +36 80 277 455 and +36 80 277 456.


Budapest, 11th of March 2020

Péter Sótonyi