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Education For prospective students After Acceptance Academic Policies, Academic Calendar

Academic Policies, Academic Calendar

Learn more about the university’s rules, examination procedures, evaluation and grading system and the stucture of the academic year. The detailed information will be shared during the enrolment and the Freshmen’s week.


Academic Policies

Class attendance and participation in scheduled laboratories and practical exercises is required. Students are expected to take examinations when scheduled otherwise they loose chances. About details you shall get information at the registration of the Freshman. The credit-system allows a certain degree of flexibility in the timing of the exams. This is conform to international standards and helps an easier setting-in of students with different educational backgrounds.

Types of Evaluation

  1. Signature (aláírás) — participation in scheduled workshops has to be certified by the signature of the authorized lecturer.
  2. Practical Course Grade (gyakorlati jegy) — may follow either the 5-scale or 3-scale grading system.
  3. Semi-final Examination (kollokvium) — evaluation of the subject matter of 1 semester, 5-scale grading system.
  4. Final Examination (szigorlat) — evaluation of the subject matter of 2 or more semesters, 5-scale grading system.

Grading System

  1. Five-Scale: 5 (jeles) — Excellent; 4 (jó) — Good; 3 (közepes) — Fair; 2 (elégséges) — Passing; 1 (elégtelen) — Fail
  2. Three-scale: kiválóan megfelelt — Excellent; megfelelt — Satisfactory; nem felelt meg — Unsatisfactory

Academic Calendar

In the Academic Year the semesters including exam periods are scheduled:

  • Fall Semester: early September — mid December;  followed by a six-week exam period
  • Spring semester: early February — mid May;  followed by a six-week exam period