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Education For prospective students Entrance Exam Dates and Locations

Entrance Exam Dates and Locations


For the 2021 September, enrolment entrance exams are organized online due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Online entrance exams are held frequently between March 1, 2021 to June 30, 2021.

Veterinary University online exam days:              

Written exams start from 10:00 (Hungarian time zone)

Oral exams between 14:00 – 18:00 (Hungarian time zone)

Please contact [Click to see email] for scheduling to the exam.

Exam dates are subject to availability.

Exams can only be attended if you are previously scheduled for the exam!



14 Sunday

17 Wednesday

25 Thursday



7  Wednesday

19 Monday

25 Sunday

30 Friday



8  Saturday

11 Tuesday

16 Sunday

19 Wednesday

27 Thursday

31 Monday



4  Friday

9 Wednesday

14 – Monday

19 – Saturday

24 – Thursday

29 – Tuesday


Further exam days will be announced later.


Entrance exam fee is EUR 250.

You can pay it online ( or transfer the funds to the following bank account of the recruitment service provider of the University of Veterinary Medicine Budapest:

Account name: Global International Studies AG.

Account (IBAN) Number EUR: HU34-10300002-10686937-48820011

Bank Name: MKB Bank

Bank Address: H-1056 Vaci u. 38. Budapest, Hungary

Swift code: MKKBHUHB


A student can do two entrance exams during an application period. The second exam is free of charge.

If you have a local representative, please contact them about the entrance exam.

You can check our local representatives here. For further information please contact them or [Click to see email]

Online written exam procedure:

  1. Please contact us at [Click to see email] and confirm the date and time of the written exam. Please provide us with your Zoom name/email address. Before the agreed time you will receive a ZOOM link for the exam by email.
  2. At the agreed time please:

If you have not yet made a registration on this website please do it.

If you haven’t done it already please fill out the application form with your personal data and upload all requested and available documents.

3. On the top of the page, you will see a green button „Go to the entrance exam page”. Please click on it.

In order to be eligible for the exam, we must first grant you eligibility (you will not see the green button if you are not authorized by the supervisor).

  1. On the following page you can start the exam. You will have maximum 70 minutes for each subject (biology, chemistry, English). Totaling maximum 210 minutes (3.5 hours).
  2. All questions have one correct answer. If you are sure of the answer please mark it and click on the ”Next question” button. You cannot go back and change an answer after you have advanced to the next question.
  3. You can skip a question if you feel you do not want to take time with it. It will return after you have answered all the questions of the current subject. You can skip a question any time, but you have to finish a subject before you can move on to the next one.
  4. It is allowed to use a calculator, periodic table and some draft paper to make calculations.
  5. When you have finished the test please tell it to the supervisor or email us at [Click to see email].

Good Luck!

Online oral exam procedure:

  1. Please contact us at [Click to see email] and confirm the date and time of the oral exam.
  2. Please provide us with your Zoom name/email address. The professor doing the oral exam will send you a link by email some time before the exam.
  3. Please be in front of your computer a few minutes before the agreed time. The professor doing the oral exam will start the call.
  4. The oral exam usually takes 20-30 minutes. Questions asked from biology and chemistry from the topic list.

Good Luck!